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Web Design Tools, UI, UX, Prototyping, Wireframing

Top 15 Web Design Tools in 2021: For UI/UX, Prototyping & Wireframing

Here we will explore 15 of the best web design tools taking the industry by storm that are sure to make your UI/UX, prototyping,...
Solving Blockly Programming Issues

Blockly Programming: Solving All the Common Issues

Blockly is a library for online and mobile apps that provides a visual code editor. Variables, logical expressions, loops, and other code ideas are...
How IoT Is Reshaping SEO: Latest Trends To Know About

How IoT Is Reshaping SEO: Latest Trends To Know About

A person uses the Internet to get information from other people. For example, you write emails to your brother who went to the United...

What Is The Pegasus Spyware And Does Your Phone Have It?

Pegasus is Spyware that enters your phone and causes a breach of data to put it simply. An Israel-based company, namely NSO Group created...
benefits of customer software development

10 Main Benefits of Custom Software Development for Your Company 

Anyone who has ever needed new software at some point inevitably has to face the question of whether standard software is sufficient or whether...
top photo editors

Photo Editors- Best Ones That You Can Start Using Today!

Nowadays both professional photographers and ordinary users, who take shots of interesting places or objects occasionally, need photo editing apps.  With millions of people using...
The Benefits Of Freelancing Your Skills and Making Money

The Benefits Of Freelancing Your Skills & Making Money!

Have you ever imagined working in the comfort of your home and earning a decent amount of money? Is that even possible? Well, it...
Web Design Resources- Featured Image

How to Find Web Design Resources That Will Make Your Job Easier?

A developer’s job is rather stressful and demanding. Well, I guess pretty much everyone who reads this article cannot argue that. But what is...
Ruby On Rails Calendar

Learn How To Create A Ruby On Rails Calendar

In this article, we are going to learn how to create a calendar with ruby on rails. Ruby on Rails already come with ready-made...
Restful web

Learn to work with Restful web service using AngularJS and Spring

RESTful web services, Spring and AngularJS can work together to help develop a quality software application. The relationship among them can be clearly defined....