Android TutorialsImplementing your application on RippleEmulator

Implementing your application on RippleEmulator

In this tutorial we will learn to implement your app on ripple emulator , which will work as an online simulator of mobile where you can shake and move the mobile in X , Y and Z axis.

  • To implement your app on ripple emulator follow the steps given below :

  1. First of all download the Xampp server software in your machine and install it .
  2. Now go to your xampp folder where you have installed it and in htdocs folder which is located in xampp folder,create a new folder called as test_app and in that test_app folder create an index.html file and in that file write any simple html code.
  3. Now go to start menu -> All Programs ->XAMPP -> XAMPP Control Pannel as shown below :
  4. 1

  5. Click on the XAMPP Control Pannel and then you will get the screen as shown in the image where you have to start the Apache and the MySql module :
  6. 2

  7. Click on the start button and start the respective modules.
  8. Thus now go to then you will have the following window:
  9. 3

  10. Click on the Get Ripple Emulator button then you will be navigated too the following window :
  11. 4

  12. Now click on the FREE button as shown by the red arrow and you will get the following window :
  13. 5

  14. Now click on the ADD button and the Ripple Emulator will get added to the browser :
  15. 6

  16. Now in the new tab of browser enter the following link in the address bar :
    localhost/test_app(your folder name which u saved in ur htdocs folder in xampp folder) as shown in the image :
  17. 7

  18. Now click on the ripple emulator icon on the right hand side as shown by the arrow you will get the following screen and then click on the Enable button in the dialog box which appears :
  19. 8

  20. Thus you will see your application running on your ripple emulator :
  21. 9

  22. Thus we have implemented our app on Ripple Emulator .


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