Artificial Intelligence Vs Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Vs Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence are currently trending with add on features that provide a functional platform. Both vary on various attributes and functionalities.

Artificial intelligence is based on the study and pattern of the way humans think and the algorithm mimics human brain functionality. On the other hand, business intelligence is actually technology used for making better decisions in business solutions.

The following points are considered artificial intelligence vs business intelligence:

1. Contribution in the field:

Artificial Intelligence contributes to subjects such as Biology, Psychology and Computer Science. The contribution is noted widely where the algorithm follows the pattern of the human brain.

Business Intelligence are used by tools such as OLAP, adhoc analytics and even enterprise reporting. Business Intelligence is used widely in data analysis.

2. Research Areas:

Artificial intelligence and Business intelligence are used in research areas but the working domains vary. Artificial intelligence is used primarily in artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and Robotics. Artificial intelligence is known for providing suitable outputs which are used in white papers.

Business Intelligence is widely used for processes like Data Mining and Data Warehousing. It is also used in big data and network processes like OLAP.

3. Applications

As artificial intelligence uses algorithm that mimic the human brain, it is widely used for the application development of Gaming, Natural Language processing and Robotics.
Business Intelligence is used widely for Business activity monitoring. It is mainly used as a core for reporting software applications.

4. Mission:

Artificial intelligence is basically used to create expert systems that use human intelligence. While the goal of business intelligence is to provide effective and efficient business solutions.

5. Drawbacks:

Artificial intelligence includes issues like threats to privacy and threat to safety. Business intelligence includes drawbacks with two types; one with organization and people working with the organization and the other with technology and data.

We took a look at the distinguishing points of business intelligence and artificial intelligence. It is also important to understand the difference between them from a technical perspective. Lets analyze the algorithm used by artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence uses a Breadth-first search algorithm. The breadth-first search algorithm follows a pattern to search for the neighboring nodes in a tree data structure following each level involved in it. The pattern can be followed using FIFO. It provides the shortest path to the solution.

Sorting for the applications which use artificial intelligence is done based on the increasing cost of the associated path of the node.

Business intelligence:

Business intelligence extracts the predictive information in such a format which is understood in layman terms. It follows the decision tree algorithm. All the information extracted using business intelligence marks as predictive information. Business intelligence does not focus on sorting. It uses a linear aggression module for classifying the data. This approach of business intelligence is widely used for the data mining process.

Integration of business intelligence with artificial intelligence:

Business intelligence and artificial intelligence are monitored together in the field of data science. The combination is considered as a perfect match. Consider the Venn diagram below to understand the combination of artificial intelligence and business intelligence with data science. Data science is primarily used by the research analysts to achieve output for the researches conducted in artificial intelligence and business intelligence. The study says that artificial intelligence is coping up with many algorithms in comparison with business intelligence.

combination of algorithms

The combination of algorithms with Artificial intelligence, business intelligence and data science is massively used for big data management. Business intelligence with data science concepts is used for statistical analysis. Artificial intelligence with data science is used for supervised machine learning primarily.

The combination can be used to create innovate dashboards for upcoming technologies. Business intelligence with artificial intelligence tools like artificial neural networks is primarily been used in meteorological departments and the study of earthquakes (seismology).

Conclusion: –
Artificial intelligence is the core of applications and enterprises which use human intelligence for basic functionality. The human intelligence can be used as a symbol structure and symbolic operations which are primarily used in digital computers. Business intelligence focuses on report management and analyzing data with data mining and data warehousing procedures. The organization uses business intelligence to gain achievable insight of the data. This includes basic operational analysis or spreadsheet analysis. It is mandatory to analyze the requirements and select a suitable module for application development using artificial intelligence or business intelligence or a combination of both.

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  1. The various tools and solutions available in the field of Business Intelligence can be used effectively to translate the store of raw, unprocessed data into meaningful visualizations and actionable insights. Data Scientists too play an important role in helping us comprehend the data and act on the findings. This seemingly manual process is rather slow and in this age of rapid change, faster data processing can spell success for a business. Then comes AI in picture. Artificial intelligence is crucial for business intelligence these days.


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