Artificial IntelligenceGoogle Duplex: An Emerging AI system that can help active real-world tasks

Google Duplex: An Emerging AI system that can help active real-world tasks

Google Duplex is a new Google Assistant that can perform peculiar tasks over the smartphone for you. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced Google Duplex at the I/O Developer Conference this year.

It is very assistive to fix an appointment schedule at the hair salon, do a reservation at any restaurant under your likings priority, or make calls to business for checking out their working hours. Just think, without going anywhere or making any extra effort, you are just saying to book a table for four at Katz’s Deli at 7 pm today and rest conversation, Google assistant will do on your behalf.

google duplex

The AI Feature of Google Duplex will call the place and approach for reservation in human-like voice in a natural manner, it is able to handle the complicated conversation. After the conversation is over you will get a notification on your smartphone for confirmation of reservation.

Google Duplex —

Google Duplex is AI featured but does not behave like a lifeless robot while doing conversation. It sounds like the real-life person and that makes it much impressive and far from broadness. This Google Assistant uses real and natural speech disfluencies as well as pauses such as “umm” and “hmm”. These disfluencies are generally used for gathering thought in conversation.

Google Assistant has the ability to understand the context of the conversation. So, whenever a conversation does not go as expected, it is able to figure out new ways to get the job done.

Google Duplex- A tool for easy as well as complex Task

Google Duplex is a great tool for them who are busy in their life and have no time for less important things such as making an appointment with a hair salon. This is a great Assistant for those who struggle with real things such as phone anxiety or hearing problem. Even better for travellers or people who are not familiar with local languages. This feature makes Google Duplex lifesaver to them.

Google Duplex- more human being than ever

At the I/O developer conference, centre of attraction in Google Duplex was the conversation between AI assistant and human, especially it included many human noises intentionally styled such as ‘uh’, ‘hmm’, and other speech disfluencies which are generally used to gather the thought in conversations and little pauses made the conversation even more natural and lively.

The crowd appreciated it with laughing, gasping, and hooting. It was totally unexpected from an AI. In the second call, a male featured voice launch some statements with saying “Next Wednesday, the, ah, seventh” or “Um”. Voice lengthens some certain words which reflect new understanding or to reflect thinking.

The last statement, we heard, Assistant by saying “Oh, I gotcha” while restaurant booking but it actually sounded like “Oh! I gotcha” which is used to explain that it’s all understood now.

Google Duplex- amazing and creepy at the same time

People will do anything to get such type of technology. Yes, it undeniably amazing to call on your behalf over the phone for many facilities but there comes a big “But” of privacy issue. While making a phone call to businesses in a good way, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai realizes, Businesses up to 60 percent have not set up for online booking and there is a large number of people who don’t want to make phone calls for the end of the reasons. But people without phone credit, issues like anxiety, and disability will be attracted to the features of Google Duplex.

Some people argue that Google Duplex should recognize it as a robot, not a human voice while making a call but this is exactly Google wants to do. Another issue is that Google should get permission to record the calls with the use of Google Duplex. Laws vary state to state regarding this, and it seems that the company has no clear vision to handle it right now.

The software is developed to handle many of the scenarios, but at last, it will surely meet one that does not know how to handle that scenario. And Google knows it that is why it has given an equipped Google Duplex with a feature of self-monitoring capability to sort out the task which is unresolved by Google Duplex. In that scenario, Duplex ask you to interfere and help and it can lead bigger burden that making a call at the first place. We have no idea of success rate until the technology is in tested and released state.

Google Duplex: Turing Test?

In the I/O developer conference demonstration, Google Duplex didn’t pass the Turing Test, which judges natural language conversation between machine and human but now people have understood that robot can make adroit phone calls. Now the questions are arising, are voice-calling bots required to identify them like a robot, even for personal use?

Google spokesperson says that the company will tell the person voluntarily on the other end of the line. There are some setups for robocalls, which has legal restrictions, according to it, business is not allowed to annoy you with calls.

And to use the robocall for personal use is a different matter, and these calls which Google released did not claim that it was a digital assistant and it is quite interesting. The first call was not that intense and almost negates the problems identified.

Google Duplex: Bots calling Bots

It doesn’t matter if Google is able to illustrate the hardest part of a conversation and if the bot is going to receive the calls. If you have yelled ever at a customer service line ‘Operator’ you are familiar with many of the companies which already have a service of voice recognition for common request just before handing off to human.

When there will be bots on both side of the lines, we would miss the point due to there will be surely some sort of data transfer which is more efficient than two bots are imitating phone calls. Here we need a standard for that so Google bot can call any other bot of any company and not be delayed. But the chances of everyone agreeing to a well suited open standard are quite low.

Google Duplex will be available:

Google Duplex testing is going to start this summer and first focusing first on hair salon appointments schedule, getting a holiday or working hour, and making restaurant reservations over the phone. The feature of Google Duplex will get smarter and more capable of handling other tasks as well over the time. No word has been given officially still on software release date.

Google can’t release Google Duplex without assuring high success rate otherwise it can be proved mayhem for the company. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, stated that Google is not in rush to launch this developing tech. It is very much valuable to be announced at Google I/O and cannot be announced a release date at all but it is not happening the first time.

First, it will be work in the English language and after that support for other languages will come soon. No doubt Google Duplex is a complex cutting edge technology. Google needs to be sure before releasing it, that it works just like as it is advertised.

We may have to wait for a while before Google Duplex hits our smart devices, that completely depends on how far the development progress of Duplex is.


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