Artificial IntelligenceWhy Is Python Preferred For AI?

Why Is Python Preferred For AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is becoming the litmus test for the future potential of a company. The technology is promising fruitful outcomes to any firm that immerses itself into it. It’s not uncommon now to see many companies investing huge sums in the AI field and coming up with new and groundbreaking innovations. Google, Apple, IBM, along with several other big names would be prominent among the list of companies that are going all out on AI. Deloitte research states that AI embedded organizations are the latest trend in the technology sector that is projected to skyrocket productivity and make it more efficient. In summary, AI will make work less but produce more.

The achievements of AI have already left the world thinking on both polar opposites. Many would argue that AI could have disastrous consequences on our day-to-day life as well as our economy. Then we have those who believe that AI is the key to make our lives easier and our economy greener. Till the time comes, we, however, fail to be assured of any definite conclusion.

What is the Right Choice for AI?

Artificial Intelligence Tools

When it comes to the AI, there are many possible tools one could opt for (And by ‘Tools’ I mean programming language). Java, C#, LISP, Python, Java along with many more are adequate candidates to be used for AI. However, one of them remains ever popular among these choices- Python.

It is true that the talent of a programmer matters more than the language they would choose to build their project. However, some languages are easier to code compared to others. Python has already become the 2nd most popular language for programmers, standing only behind JavaScript. So, before looking at the reason why Python is the usual preference for AI enthusiasts, let’s take a minute to understand briefly what Python really is.

Brief Summary of Python

Python is a high level, OOP based, interpreted programming language. It has been 29 years since its first release. The language is mainly targeted on RAD (Rapid Application Development) and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) which aims to halt repetitions of software patterns. Python is also praised for its ability to connect the existing components. This phenomenon is called Glue Language. The adaptability, scalability, and ease of learning are the main reasons why it is developing a larger user base. The libraries Python possesses is one of the reasons why it is can be used on web applications, Data Science and even AI.

Why Use Python for AI?

#1. Flexibility


The language is very flexible. Because of which, it offers the following features, it can offer a choice to opt for scripting or OOPs. The need to re-compile source code also goes down because results come up fast once the needed changes are implemented. The language can also be used in many other languages to make their projects.

Developers can also choose their style of programming according to their comfort. There are many styles they can opt for such as the imperative style where a list of commands dictates how the computer should execute the commands. Other than there is a declarative style and the procedural style. Because of such flexibility, the possibilities of errors also goes down as they are able to work in a comfortable environment.

#2. Readability

Python codes can be deciphered easily, so much so that a Python developer can copy and share the codes written by his or her peers. There is rarely any conflicting paradigm in such situations which makes an exchange of ideas and algorithms swifter and easier.

Tools like IPython is an interactive shell that features such as debugging, testing, and facilities the workflow.

#3. Semblance with English

english book

One of the greatest advantages of using Python (for any project) is its striking resemblance with everyday English. This makes the process of reading the codes easier for users. Another thing about the usage of Python is the length of the codes. Compared to other OOP languages, the Python codes are relatively shorter.

Also, there is a lot of documentation that is needed. So the passionate communities of Python help it make the world simpler.

#4. Superb Collection of Libraries

The libraries of Python is also another key reason for its popularity among programmers and AI developers. A library is a group of modules or a single module compiled by different sources like PyPi and also include a pre-written piece of code that allows users to reach some functionality or perform different actions.

Machine Learning which is an imperative area of AI needs continually processing data. Here Python libraries let you access and transform data. Some renowned libraries for AI are:
Scikit-Learn– Used mainly to handle basic algorithms, such as linear and logistics regressions, regressions, classifications, clustering, and others.
Keras– Used for deep learning
Scikit-image- Used for Image Processing
PyBrain– used for neural networks, unsupervised and reinforced learning
StatsModel– Used for Data Exploration along with statistical algorithms
Pandas– Used for High-Level data Structures and its analysis
PyPI repository– Used to discover and compare other Python libraries

#5. Independent Platform


Python can be used on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux, and many others. Developers need to implement numerous changes, usually small scale, and modify few strings of code to make it executable on other platforms. This is how codes can be transferred from one platform to the other. So, you can save up money and time in such a manner.

#6. Soaring Popularity

According to a survey by StackOverflow, Python is predicted to soar in popularity till 2020 at least. So, we can get a clear indication of how popular the language truly is. Not to mention, Python is now only behind Rust in terms of the most loved languages.

The features of Python make it highly popular among its users and their recommendations help spread the word.

#7. Community Support

Python Programming language along with its tools and libraries won’t cost a dime. Also, if you are stuck in a problem, you’ll have a community of Python Enthusiasts and developers to help you out.

Also, there are many online tutorials to Learn Python, as well as coaching institutes that teach the language. Resources to learn the language are plenty.

Due to the above advantages, Python is preferred for AI as with many other projects. Choosing Python over other languages solves many of the issues and makes the process much faster and efficient.

Artificial Intelligence Vs Business Intelligence

We hope you found the article informative and helpful. If you believe there are other advantages of Python that should have been mentioned in the list, let us know in the comments below.



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