BusinessDid The Pandemic Help In The Boom Of E-commerce?

Did The Pandemic Help In The Boom Of E-commerce?

A lot of businesses have been affected by the pandemic. With the pandemic, the trend of selling goods and services online began. Small and medium businesses have now grown immensely and become large scale businesses selling their products all around the world. The already big companies like Amazon and Alibaba are expanding further. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of online shopping. 

Table of contents – 

  • A shift in demand
  • Is this a growing trend?
  • Factors that have a positive impact on e-commerce
  • Omnichannel e-commerce approach
  • Conclusion

A shift in demand 

One trend that has taken the world by storm is the digital adoption of goods and services. Most countries have seen an increase in online shoppers, with a few exceptions where lockdown policies restrict all forms of economic activity, even e-commerce. Places like the United States, Africa and the Middle East have seen growth in their online sales. 

Earlier, selling goods online was an option for many, but after the pandemic hit, it became a necessity for small scale businesses. 

Retail and foodservice sales declined 7.7% in the United States from February to April 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. However, 2020 did see an increase in grocery sales by 16%. In 2020, the total growth of revenue of online sales was up by 44% in the first quarter and 39% in 2021. 

The pandemic has caused a shift in demand towards digital platforms and it is likely to be the same in the coming years. The advantages of online shopping are not going away even when the pandemic is over and the world is back to normal. 

Is this a growing trend?

Yes, there has been more demand for using e-commerce platforms, but it has its own challenges. Online payments have played a major role in the expansion of e-commerce during the pandemic. This payment system allows the customers to pay instantly in a safe manner without using cash. Although this trend has taken over major roles in many countries, there are still countries that are facing problems because of lack of infrastructure. Regulators have not yet developed a simplified regulatory framework for embedded finance solutions because this segment is increasingly growing. Another reason for this trend to grow is to know and understand the consumers and their needs. 

Apart from this, e-commerce platforms have seen an increase in first-time users of this platform. Addressing these problems will ensure that the trend is continuously evolving and will continue to do so in the future. 

Factors that have a positive impact on e-commerce

E-commerce has seen growth over the past 2 years. However, there are certain factors that will have a positive impact on this growth. 

  1. New habits of online shopping – People have been sitting in their homes for the last two years which has changed their needs and therefore their patterns of shopping. The situation has been going on long enough that people have developed new tastes and interests. When people went for shopping in stores, they had limited time and budget, but buying online has changed that. With more time and this new-found addiction, they have increased online shopping. 
  2. Growth of technology and increase in demand for mobile devices – Many physical stores have created their own websites to shop from, they are selling items on e-commerce sites and it is hardly affecting their sales. Customers have become addicted to their mobile devices which are available to them at all times and they can buy things easily with just a click of a button. 
  3. Covid 19 has left the people around the world in a paranoid state, and the paranoia isn’t going away anytime soon – Even though the world is slowly starting to function normally, people want to stay in the safety of their homes and be cautious. This also means that they will continue to use e-commerce platforms for their needs. 
  4. Online shopping was the best alternative – Simple materials like toilet paper and daily use products were becoming scarce in local stores, that is when online shopping came as the best option. Online shopping has the option to pre-order, so when the product arrives, you can receive it immediately. This was a saviour for many. 

Omnichannel e-commerce approach

The omnichannel approach is a strategy that has been used by e-commerce platforms to increase their sales by using multiple channels and giving a unified experience to their consumers from across the globe. 

We have considered online shopping and in-store shopping as poles apart, however, they are merging together by the day, they are not competitors anymore. The customers who were loyal to their local businesses do not have to worry because even their products can be found on online platforms. This only tempts the consumers to shop online. 

E-commerce giants like Amazon were able to open retail stores in cities like Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles and New York. On the other hand, America’s retail giant, Walmart is trying to expand their business online. Loyal Walmart consumers place their orders online and with just a click of a button, they can order whatever they want. Just like these two brands, there are several more brands that are expanding their business online and offline and taking over the market. This strategy has only boomed after the pandemic hit and will continue to grow post-pandemic as well. 

Smaller businesses are also offering convenient online services mixed with their in-store shopping. These businesses are creating easy-to navigate websites so that people of all ages can easily access them and their business keeps growing. 


The pandemic is likely to end at some point but nobody knows when, that is why it makes sense to grab any opportunities of growth. Taking advantage of the e-commerce revolution will only help one expand their business. Factors like being transparent, connecting with the customers on every level, being flexible and studying your data continuously will ensure more customers and better business. 

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