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In recent years, the IT startup concept has become widespread. The word “startup” itself has long been included in the vocabulary of English-speaking countries. It means a young business distinguished by rapid development and quick profit. The IT sphere has expanded over the last decades, settled in the world of entrepreneurship. Any idea can be realized now. Even a student can launch one’s own company and get a good profit.

The main advantages of an IT startup are: 

  • An ability to do what you like. IT is a rather multifaceted sphere. With the right work organization, you can choose any direction and achieve success.
  • A fresh start. Any startup is a new project, for both a developer and consumers.
  • Lack of restrictions. This concerns both a general idea and a work schedule that may be flexible. This is particularly important for students who spend the first half of a day at lectures and cannot sit 8-9 hours in an office.

A startup is a risk, especially if a person approaches it thoughtlessly, does not take into account all costs and threats. After all, there are no guarantees of success, because tough competition in the IT field will not give you time to relax and rest. 

Experienced startupers advise bringing an idea to a final form, testing it in necessary conditions, and present a project to a wide public only after this. However, promising an idea is at the first glance, it is important to have a steady income, understand how to lead a project, develop it and compete with other entrepreneurs to achieve good results in IT.

Good IT startup ideas for students

If you want to have your own small business by the moment of graduation, the ideas below will turn out to be very helpful. They were collected and systematized by specialists from the custom dissertation writing service. There are many young entrepreneurs sharing their success stories among clients of this company. Learning from the experience of other students, you will also be able to come up with interesting and promising ideas. 

Online courses

This education type is common and popular today. If you consider yourself to be a specialist in some area, then you can organize such courses easily. The main thing for such a startup is the correct information presenting. Potential clients look for creativity, freshness, and uniqueness.

YouTube channel

It’s worth thinking about creating a YouTube channel if you have the talent to express your thoughts brightly and convincingly. You can share useful tips, thoughts, new life hacks, to put it simply, what subscribers are interested in. Revenue will increase along with a number of subscribers due to advertising.

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Web development

This direction has a high demand. If you have the necessary skills, first of all, focus on developing a portfolio. Over time, more and more reputable, large customers will turn to you.

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Copywriting and editing

Having the talent to write persuasive and non-standard texts, you can create a copywriting service that will be aimed at selling articles and custom papers. Editorial assistance is also a good business direction. As a student, you should understand how many people are searching for help with their homework. Create a specialized website and solve their problems for a fee using IT tools.

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Developing applications

It would seem that IT specialists have already created all possible applications that one can imagine. However, a human brain is able to demand new things, which means that another human brain is able to create them by embodying ideas.


Is it a trite way? Maybe. But such a hobby brings regular, substantial income.

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Creating wearable devices

The emphasis is placed on a healthy lifestyle and sports performance in such devices. Their sales make a profit for many years.

Online counseling

Nowadays, people increasingly try to save time. Sometimes, a person is ready to pay a rather large sum of money to get advice from an expert. And if such a consultation is also convenient, conducted in usual conditions, it will provide a consumer with maximum comfort.

Online delivery tracking

Many students have long chosen delivery as a profitable business field. Online ordering, as well as fast delivery in a city, is convenient and in demand. But there are still not enough tracking services.

Online store

This type of shopping is already well familiar to everyone. It is impossible to call such a project an innovation, but it has high chances to bring you a profit.

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Virtual reality applications

More and more people are interested in receiving new emotions and impressions. There are not many things which can surprise the modern society. But virtual reality has immense prospects for developing and implementing vivid ideas.

Exchange bank

Such a bank is a platform for non-monetary deposits. People invest skills, services that are exchanged for the services of other investors. It happens as follows: one person can provide programmer services for free in exchange for massage services.

Photo and video editors

A fashion for perfect photos has provided creators of such applications with a financial foundation. Special programs allow users to change images, apply different effects and filters.

Information services

It is always convenient to have a kind of reference book with information at hand. This may be devoted to a city map or a list of pet stores in the country. The main thing is the correct information provision and the stable operation of IT services.


People often do not have time to get acquainted with the news of interest to them because of a high workload. A service that provides an individualized news feed service, searches, filters, and sends the necessary information to a specific user may be very profitable.

Creating a video game

This is a win-win option with a wide group of target users.

Online quests

A human always wants to achieve success. If there is no time, desire or possibility to interact with people offline, an online quest on an interesting topic can be useful to a large number of people. Having an IT education, as well as the ability to think outside the box, you will succeed easily.

Gamification in education

This is a new approach in education providing more freedom and independence. As practice has shown, training in the game brings good results and entertains students.

These are far not all promising directions which may become a basis for developing an enterprise. We hope that you will find a suitable niche and start earning money on things you like.

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