MapReduce Program In Detail

In our previous guides, we saw how to run wordcount MapReduce program on a single node Hadoop cluster. Now we will understand the MapReduce...

Introduction to Map-Reduce Programming model

(Assuming you have basic working knowledge of Java) MapReduce programming paradigm is based on the concept of key-value pairs. It also provides powerful paradigms for...
7 Predictive Analysis Tips for Hadoop

7 Predictive Analysis Tips for Hadoop

Introduction to predictive analysis It’s hard to find a good analysis tool, in today’s technical era that fits and suits our business requirements. Predictive analysis...
5.Implementation of data visualization techniques in hadoop

Implementation of data visualization techniques in Hadoop

What is data visualization? It’s better to visualize the data rather texting it. The brain anatomy also says that, our brain process images up to...
Using Zookeeper

Learn How To Coordinate Hadoop Clusters Using Zookeeper

Hadoop was designed to be a distributed system that scales up to thousands of nodes. Even with a few hundred node cluster managing all...
Integrate data management and visualization for better results in hadoop

Learn to Integrate data management and visualization for better results in Hadoop

Data management is an asset of hadoop Hadoop is often considered as future of data management as this is the beauty of hadoop distributed file...

Learn how to write Mapreduce Programs using Pig Latin

In the Hadoop ecosystem Pig offers features for performing extraction, transformation and loading of data (ETL). In ETL the main objective is to acquire...
10.Identification of cybercrimes using data analytics in hadoop

Identification of Cybercrimes using Data Analytics in Hadoop

Introduction to cyber crime Many organizations don’t even care about pros and cons of dealing with cybercrimes, some of them are product based companies while...
Handling risk management of data in hadoop

Handling risk management of data in hadoop

Defining risk management Risk management is mainly defined as identifying and assessing the prioritization of problem that can occur in a proceeding. Risk is the...
Big Data Analytics

Know More About Data Science And Big Data Analytics

‘Data has become important in our society today’ is an understatement. The importance of data can be seen across multiple sectors with many companies...