App Development Platform

A Guide To Choose The Best Mobile App Development Platform

With demand skyrocketing for mobile apps, organisations are inclining towards mobile app development platforms to keep up with the rapid pace of growth in...
Mobile App Development Costs

10 Tips To Reduce Your Mobile App Development Costs

With the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps, having a mobile app has become a necessity, irrespective of the size of the organisation. According to Statista,...
Mobile Programming Apps

11 Amazing Mobile Programming Apps for your iPad

Are you looking for a compact and compatible device to code on the go and swap it with your bulky computer? How about an iPad? Yes,...

Top 5 Frameworks for Mobile App Developments

“The future of mobile means a more intricately connected ecosystem of applications. The walled gardens will be torn down, and roads and bridges between apps...
Mobile App Testing

7 Top Cloud Platforms for Mobile App Testing

We are surrounded by millions of mobile apps. 12 million mobile app developers worldwide are providing us amusing and ultramodern apps, constantly. Mobile app users...
Mobile App Programming

How to Start Your Journey of Mobile App Programming

You must have heard of an old saying: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” It’s your time to start your...
Mobile Development Tools

Must-Have Mobile Development Tools That Are Free

The advancement of technologies has led to a massive growth in mobile devices. The proliferation of devices like laptops, mobile phones and tablets has...
Learn Mobile App Development

Learn Mobile App Development with NodeJS and JSON

Good better best. Never let it rest. Until good becomes better and better becomes best. I think BRENDAN EICH understood this instance wondrously. He created JavaScript in...
App Development Challenges

7 Mobile App Development Challenges That Startups Can Encounter

Mobile phone users have significantly exceed desktop users, which means the number of people that use mobile phones are now more than the number...
Integrating Security

Need for Integrating Security into Mobile App Development Process

The fact that mobile apps makes tasks appear simple and helps businesses drive sales is contributing to its rising popularity. Nowadays, almost every sector...
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Artificial Intelligence

AI API Keras

Functional API of Keras

The Why and The How In our previous blogs in the Keras series, we have explored Deep Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural...

Recurrent Neural Networks and LSTMs with Keras

Wherever you are as you read this blog, I want you to take a moment and think back to how you went about your...
Convolutional Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks with Keras

In the previous post, we scratched at the basics of Deep Learning where we discussed Deep Neural Networks with Keras. As a code along...