Polyalphabetic Cipher

Monoalphabetic and Polyalphabetic Cipher in Python

Cryptography is the art of science which converts the readable text message to unreadable format. There are various algorithms to implement on same and...
Kubernetes Cluster

Learn How to Scale a Kubernetes Cluster

Application scaling is one approach that can be used to dynamically allocate resources. However, it has its limits and sometimes all node resources are...
Code Editors

Top 10 Code Editors for Software Developers in 2017

Whether you are a spiritual developer or just a beginner in coding, staying ahead of curve and learning the latest integrated development environment is...
Importance of Blockly for Kids Programming

Importance Of Blockly For Kids Programming

Blockly is one of the best visual programming languages. It is quite similar to Scratch and follows a block-based approach for programming. Visually learning...
PostCSS Installation

Brief Introduction to PostCSS With Installation

PostCSS is software development tool which uses plugins of JavaScript to automate routine CSS transactions. It parses CSS into an abstract syntax tree (AST)...
AWS CloudFront

How AWS Cloud Front Works

Did you come across Amazon Web Services(AWS) CloudFront and how it operates while browsing the internet? Amazon Web Services with CloudFront is known to...
Maven Environment

Learn How To Install And Set Up The Maven Environment

Before we can start this tutorial on the Apache Maven tool, the prerequisite is that you have work experience on building Java enterprise development...
cloud computing utilizing R Programming

A Quick Guide To Cloud Computing Utilizing R Programming

Any business today is being changed through SMAC, which is a a collective term for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. The effect of this change has...
Multiple Virtual Machines

Learn how to work with Multiple Virtual Machines

Kubernetes has the responsibility of managing a large number of different computers so that they function as a single unit. Kubernetes provides an abstraction...

10 Cool APIs you should know in Machine Learning

Machine learning has been leaving its impact on every advent of technology. Be it in the photos of one’s phone or acting as an...