Python Tutorial – Advanced Topics_4

Learn Object Oriented Programming in Python – Inheritance

The Concept In the last article (Object Oriented Programming in Python - Classes and Objects); we talked about the main benefits for using OOP approach...
Python Tutorial – Advanced Topics

Learn the concept of Object Oriented Programming in Python

Earlier in this series, I told you that one of the main features of the Python language is that it supports Object Oriented Programming. Why...
Python Tutorial – Advanced Topics

Learn Operating System Interaction in Python

As nobody can live alone and isolated from others, the interaction with the surrounding environment is a necessity. This holds true both in real...
Python Tutorial – Advanced Topics

Learn how to work with Files in Python

A File can be defined as a named container that stores information in the computer system. There is a saying that states: "Everything in...
Python Tutorial – Part (8)

Learn the concept of Arrays (Lists) in Python

In our Part 7 of Python series we learned about different types of functions in Python, today in this tutorial we will learn the...
Developing Secure Applications Part 4 Secure MicroServices

Developing Secure Applications Part 4 Secure MicroServices

In part 2 and part 3 of Developing Secure Applications series we have looked at OpenID connect and OAuth2 using the excellent WSO2 identity...
functions in python

Learn Functions in Python

In our previous article (Part 6 - Loops in Pythons) we seen different types of loops like for loop, while loop, do while loop...
Python Tutorial – Part (6)

Learn Iteration using Loops in Python

In the previous article (Part 5 – Decision making using IF Conditions), I told you that life never goes one way. Actually, life in...

Developing Secure Applications Part 3 OAuth

This article is part 3 of a four part series where we look at the issues around developing secure applications. In Part 1 we...
Python Tutorial – Part (5)

Learn Decision making using IF Conditions in Python

In Part4 (Arithmetic and Logical Operators), we have discussed the Simple Comparison Operations. After that, we talked very quickly about the Logical Operators. Now,...
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Artificial Intelligence

Applications of GANs- featured Image- AI, Data Sc

The Grand Finale: Applications of GANs- Part 5

Welcome, welcome, welcome! A very warm welcome to all our readers to this very special blog that marks the end of what has truly been...
Artificial intelligence- Cycle GANs- AI

CycleGAN: Taking It Higher- Part 4

In the previous blog, we continued our deep dive into the world of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) with the pix2pix GAN which we also...
Python Programming Language for ML

Why Python Is So Essential For Machine Learning?

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language that was initially developed as a hobby by Guido van Rossum. It was derived from programming languages like...