benefits of customer software development

10 Main Benefits of Custom Software Development for Your Company 

Anyone who has ever needed new software at some point inevitably has to face the question of whether standard software is sufficient or whether...
Solving Blockly Programming Issues

Blockly Programming: Solving All the Common Issues

Blockly is a library for online and mobile apps that provides a visual code editor. Variables, logical expressions, loops, and other code ideas are...
JavaScript Programming - A Complete Guide for Beginners

AR, VR: What We Know And What’s Next In Gaming

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are probably two of the biggest trends in the entire tech world today. These technologies not only touched the hearts...
Top benefits of DevOps For Business

DevOps For Business: Top Benefits That You Should Know

DevOps has undoubtedly grown in popularity and acceptance in recent years, which is for a good reason. The advantages of DevOps outweigh the disadvantages,...
Convolutional Neural Networking

Convolutional Neural Networking Using Tensorflow

Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are a form of deep neural network that is widely used in various applications and domains and is particularly useful...
Building a Neural Network from scratch using Python

Building A Neural Network From Scratch Using Python

Neural Networks are the foundation of Deep Learning. Any problem that cannot be solved using traditional machine learning algorithms might be solved using neural...
Importance of Blockly for Kids Programming

Importance Of Blockly For Kids Programming

Blockly is one of the best visual programming languages. It is quite similar to Scratch and follows a block-based approach for programming. Visually learning...
Optimizing the Algorithm of Mexican Hat Neural Network with Sliding Window Technique

Optimizing The Algorithm Of Mexican Hat Neural Network With Sliding Window Technique

Algorithms for neural networks depend on the application and the type of the dataset. Hence, the complexity of the use case becomes the deciding...
Data Visualization Techniques for Analysis in Python Programming Language

Data Visualization Techniques for Analysis in Python Programming Language

Data science is a branch of descriptive statistics that involves the processing and analysis of a large amount of data. Understanding, interpreting, and visualizing...
How To Configure Remote Access for MongoDB on Ubuntu

How To Configure Remote Access for MongoDB on Ubuntu

MongoDB is a free, open-source and document oriented dtabase commonly used in modern web applications. By default, MongoDB listens on localhost and is configured...
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Artificial Intelligence

What is Robotic Process Automation?

What Is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is nothing but software robotics that uses automation technologies to accelerate repetitive back-office tasks. It leverages UI and APIs interactions to...
Sentiment Analysis in Natural Language Processing

Sentiment Analysis in Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the branch of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to process, understand and draw conclusions from natural languages...
Converting Word Vectors Into Document Vectors Using Gensim

Converting Word Vectors Into Document Vectors Using the Gensim Library

In Natural Language Processing (NLP), word embedding refers to the process of representing words into numerical format or vectors so that the machines can...