Introduction to Data Science using Python

Although there is no universally agreed data science process, there are five key steps in a data science workflow. These are illustrated in the...

Build an Amazon Skill using AWS Lambda

Introduction In this article, we will discuss and learn about building an Amazon skill by using AWS Lambda method. An Amazon skill is a technique...

Building Decentralized Full Stack App in Ethereum

As the Blockchain continues to enhance its capabilities more and more people are adopting this technology. So we also take a step forward and...

What do mean by GitLab?

Version Control repository management services are considered as a key component in the software development workflow till date. If you observe in the last...

Building A Logistic Regression in Python

Logistic Regression is a very popular Machine Learning algorithm. Python is widely used for writing Machine Learning programs. In this article, we will learn...
AWS CloudFront

How AWS Cloud Front Works

Did you come across Amazon Web Services(AWS) CloudFront and how it operates while browsing the internet? Amazon Web Services with CloudFront is known to...
PyTorch framework

Glimpse of PyTorch framework

PyTorch is a defined framework also called as Python-based scientific computing package which uses the power of graphics processing units. It is considered as...
File Encryption Decryption

File Encryption And Decryption Using Python

Encryption is considered one component of a successful security strategy. Successful encryption completely depends on robust passwords and passphrases called “keys”. Why Encryption is important? For...
Install Tensorflow GPU

How To Install Tensorflow GPU 1.8 For Python 2.7 And Python 3.5 On Ubuntu...

Tensorflow is one of the leading open source software that is used by Google to help Artificial Intelligence community and understand the models in...
Polyalphabetic Cipher

Monoalphabetic and Polyalphabetic Cipher in Python

Cryptography is the art of science which converts the readable text message to unreadable format. There are various algorithms to implement on same and...
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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning Tools

Understanding Machine Learning & its Algorithms

The time has come when machine learning has started to reshape how we live, how we think and ultimately, how we behave. This and...
GAN with Code

Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks with Code- Part 2

“Hello and a warm welcome to this blog where all the action is about to happen!  Two Neural Networks are going to face off each...
Generative Adversarial Networks - Featured Image

An Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks- Part 1

“The most interesting idea in the last 10 years in ML” - Yann LeCun (Facebook AI Research Director)  In 2014 when Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio...