Docker Build Environment

Learn To Set Up A Docker Build Environment

Containers excel during the deployment stage by simplifying the deployment process and reducing the challenges that are likely to be faced. To understand how...
Python Tutorial – Part (8)

Learn the concept of Arrays (Lists) in Python

In our Part 7 of Python series we learned about different types of functions in Python, today in this tutorial we will learn the...
Software Development Process

Learn about the Top 10 Software Development Process Models

Every software project comes with a set of objectives and goals. These goals are the primary differentiating factors separating one project from another. Also,...
Resilient Production

Learn How To Design A Resilient Production Environment

To gain the full benefits of Docker, applications need to be moved from development and test environments to production environments. Concerns related to security...
Software Development Certifications

Top 14 Software Development Certifications you can get in 2017

Information Technology (IT) is an ever-growing and ever-changing industry. While experience has always been the king of this industry, gaining some add-on skills or...
Key Concepts

Learn the Key Concepts used in Kubernetes

The use of containers in application deployment has resulted in flexibility when managing deployment. However this flexibility has led to an increase in the...
Python Tutorial – Part (4)

Learn Arithmetic and Logical Operators in Python

After discussing the Variables and Basic Data Types in Part3 of Python Tutorial, it is time to know what to do with those variables....

Learn How Storage is Implemented in Kubernetes

Due to the short life of containers, developers are faced with a huge challenge when migrating their applications from development to production environment. When...
Python Tutorial – Advanced Topics

Learn the concept of Dictionaries in Python

What are Dictionaries? Dictionary is a Python built-in data type that is used to store collections of unordered key-value pairs. Why Dictionaries? Dictionaries offer the association of...

Learn How To Create And Start Docker Containers

Virtualization technologies like Vmware and Xen enable a Linux kernel and an operating system to run atop a virtualized layer which is referred to...
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Artificial Intelligence

What is Robotic Process Automation?

What Is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is nothing but software robotics that uses automation technologies to accelerate repetitive back-office tasks. It leverages UI and APIs interactions to...
Sentiment Analysis in Natural Language Processing

Sentiment Analysis in Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the branch of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to process, understand and draw conclusions from natural languages...
Converting Word Vectors Into Document Vectors Using Gensim

Converting Word Vectors Into Document Vectors Using the Gensim Library

In Natural Language Processing (NLP), word embedding refers to the process of representing words into numerical format or vectors so that the machines can...