Learn How To Set Up A Scala Development Environment

To develop programs in Scala you have several integrated development environments (IDE) to choose from. Most mature options available are Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA....
Python Tutorial – Advanced Topics_11

Learn how to use Python as a Web Developing Language

So far, we have seen how Python could be used as a scripting language, Object-Oriented Programming language, and GUI Applications factory. Now, we will...

Learn How To Run Machine Learning Algorithms Using Spark

This tutorial builds on previous tutorials that demonstrated how to set up an Amazon cluster running spark and how to install Spark on a...
Developing Secure Applications Part 4 Secure MicroServices

Developing Secure Applications Part 4 Secure MicroServices

In part 2 and part 3 of Developing Secure Applications series we have looked at OpenID connect and OAuth2 using the excellent WSO2 identity...
C++ interview questions, programming, laptop, startup, business, coding, database, cloud, software development, web development, app development

The 1-2-3 Of C++ Interview- Common But Essential Questions To Ace Any C++ Interview

What if you already know C++ programming? Or what if you have mastered the concepts of the C++ programming language by reading the best...
Continuous Delivery

Learn How Continuous Delivery is Implemented in Kubernetes

In a modern development environment, continuous integration and development are central to the success of a software development project. To be successful when using...

Learn How To Secure Docker Api Using Ssl/Tls

In the ‘learn how to use the Docker API’ tutorial, we introduced the Docker remote API and demonstrated how to use the API to...
Maven Plugins

Learn the Uses of Different Maven Plugins

In the last article, we discussed the use and significance of various Maven repositories. In this article, we are going to discuss the use...
Maven Repositories

Learn About How to Use Maven Repositories

In this article, we are going to discuss the use of different types of Maven repositories which are used to download library JARs, etc....
Data Structures

Learn How To Use Packages And Data Structures In Scala

Packages are units that are used to organize code. Entities that can be contained in packages include classes, traits and objects. Using packages has...
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Artificial Intelligence

What are Deep Neural Networks?

What Are Deep Neural Networks?

The most common jargon in the field of Artificial Intelligence is the ‘Neural Network’. This is a part of Artificial Intelligence where predictive models...
Changes in Robotics During Pandemic

Changes In Robotics During Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic had caused an immense ripple effect that forced individuals and companies across the globe to rapidly pick up cashless payments, contactless systems...
Will AI, ML & Automation be the Main Reason for Unemployment?

Will AI, ML & Automation be the Main Reason for Unemployment?

Corporations, both large and small, have been slowly but surely incorporating AI-backed technologies and ML-driven systems in order to automate their business processes and...