CryptocurrencyHow Does Mining Work And Can Any Average Person Do It?

How Does Mining Work And Can Any Average Person Do It?

Mining or crypto mining is a hot topic on online discussion forums. The internet is often bombarded with all possible questions regarding crypto mining. The phrase “crypto mining” refers to the process of acquiring bitcoins by calculating cryptographic equations using computers.

This procedure entails verifying data blocks and adding transaction history to a blockchain, which is a public record. As the values of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, have surged in recent years, it’s understandable that interest in mining has increased. However, most individuals do not see Bitcoin mining as a viable option because of its complexity and hefty expenses.

Table of contents:

  •   What is bitcoin mining?
  •   Who can mine?
  •   Ways of mining cryptocurrency
  •   What are some easy to mine cryptocurrencies
  •   Conclusion

What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the mechanism through which fresh bitcoins enter circulation. By the process of mining, new transactions are authenticated by the network and a crucial component of the blockchain ledger’s preservation and development. “Mining” is done with sophisticated machinery that solves a very challenging computational arithmetic problem. The first computer to solve the problem receives the next chunk of bitcoins, and the process is repeated.

Blockchain, the technology that underpins numerous cryptocurrencies, powers Bitcoin. A blockchain is a decentralised ledger that records all network transactions. Groups of accepted transactions constitute a block, which is then linked to form a chain. Consider it a long public record that acts similarly to a long-running receipt. The process of adding a block to the Bitcoin network is known as mining.

Who can mine?

Mining pools enable multiple miners to pool their hash rate or computer processing power and increase their chances of winning block verification. This is due to the fact that the verification process is a competition in which several miners compete to validate a block. The stipulated prizes are only awarded to the winning miner.

Crypto mining for average people from home necessitates the use of either a high-end gaming computer or mining equipment. When using a home computer, at least 16 GB of RAM is required, as well as a hard drive of 2TB storage capacity, a fast CPU such as an Intel i7-10700Kf and a strong graphics card is required.

Ways of mining cryptocurrency?

  •   CPU Mining: CPU mining mines coins by utilising processors. In order to mine using the CPU approach, all which is required is a computer and a bunch of programmes. It is possible to accomplish it on a laptop, but wiser to use a computer for this process. Your laptop will most likely fry and overheat in a matter of hours.

Every day, fresh CPU miners are attracted to bitcoin mining because it is so simple to get started. Some users who are searching for how to mine cryptocurrencies aren’t concerned with the specifics; they simply want to begin the process as soon as feasible and in any imaginable way.

  •   Application-Specific Integrated Circuits Mining: 

ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) are specialised circuits that are specifically built to fulfil a particular purpose. In this regard, crypto mining is what it will perform. ASICs are quite famous and prized since they generate massive quantities of cryptocurrency when compared to GPU and CPU.

  •   GPU Mining: 

GPU mining is most likely the most well-known and widely used way of mining bitcoins. GPU mining is quite popular since it is both efficient and inexpensive. The rig’s build is expensive – but when it comes to hash speed and overall manpower, the GPU mining setup is fantastic.

GPU rigs mine cryptocurrencies using graphics cards. A typical rig consists of a processor, a motherboard, cooling, a rig frame, and needless to mention, some graphics cards.

  •   Cloud Mining: 

You are effectively an investor in a mining enterprise in cloud mining; all you contribute is money. Cloud mining businesses recruit hundreds of people to invest various quantities in the operation in exchange for a piece of the profits. Everything you have to do is identify a reliable cloud-mining organisation, send them money, and go about your business while they handle everything.

You essentially fund a piece of a mining operation via cloud mining, and the cloud miners perform the rest. You are, in effect, a shareholder in the business.

These businesses provide hash rate contracts. You purchase a specific hash rate for a set length of time, and you then gain correspondingly based on the percentage of the total cloud mining operation that you have sponsored.

Cloud mining can potentially be dangerous. Many are not lucrative for the duration provided in the contract, and in some situations, customers of these services will lose money in the long run. Consumers could have been in a better position by simply acquiring the cryptocurrency mined via their mining contract. 

What are some easy to mine cryptocurrencies?

  •   Vertcoin: Vertcoin was established as a cryptocurrency that can be mined using a GPU. Since it allows GPU mining, the network is as decentralised as viable.
  •   Zcash: Zcash is a privacy cryptocurrency that assures transactional confidentiality. There is the choice of using public transparent wallet addresses, the data and history of which are visible to the public. Companies and organisations that want transactional traceability and transparency can use these. Individuals could use protected transaction types to preserve their financial history and confidentiality.
  •   Ethereum Classic: Ethereum Classic is a version of Ethereum that allows individuals and businesses to implement smart contracts or coded business guidelines that operate on the blockchain with minimal human intervention.
  •   Bitcoin Gold: Bitcoin Gold is a Bitcoin variant that was created to help with blockchain scaling. It pushed for the use of the Equihash proof-of-work method to ensure that major miners – notably those utilising ASICs – were not favoured in the mining process.
  •   Ethereum: Profitable Ethereum mining necessitates the use of a GPU and takes quite some time to mine one Ethereum. However, as with many other cryptocurrencies, the chances are improved with pool mining. It is currently based on the Proof of Work mining method.


Curiosity and a strong drive to learn are simply required for aspiring cryptocurrency miners. As new technologies develop, the crypto mining space is continuously changing. Professional miners who earn the highest profits are always analysing the space and optimising their mining tactics in order to increase their performance.

Several factors influence whether crypto mining can become profitable. Whether a prospective miner chooses a GPU, CPU, cloud mining or, ASIC miner, the hash rate, electricity consumption, and overall prices are the most significant elements to consider. Crypto mining equipment consumes a great deal of electricity and produces a large amount of heat.  It is also important to consider electricity consumption, local electricity costs and cooling costs, especially with ASIC and GPU mining rigs.

It is also necessary to evaluate the degree of difficulty for the cryptocurrency that a person wishes to mine in order to gauge whether or not the operation will be lucrative.

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