CryptocurrencyTop 4 Bitcoin Trading Platforms In 2021 

Top 4 Bitcoin Trading Platforms In 2021 

The concept of digital currencies and cryptocurrency has gained significance in the last few years. Although people initially laughed at the concept of cryptocurrency becoming a mainstream currency. But, in the last few months after the Covid-19 pandemic, the world started recognizing the potential of cryptocurrency.  

Many big corporations, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, have vouched about the potential of cryptocurrency and bitcoins. In addition, organizations like Wikipedia, Shopify, and Microsoft have now accepted cryptocurrency as a primary mode of payment.  

Since more people around the world are accepting cryptocurrency, you might get interested in the investment. However, with the rise in the valuation of bitcoin over the past few months, it is crucial to make the right investment decision. A significant decision you need to take when investing in cryptocurrency is choosing a suitable crypto exchange. Whether you are a pro at investment or a rookie, you need to pay attention to the choice of crypto exchange.  

The article consists of a list of the best bitcoin exchanges that will help you in getting accessible investment opportunities: 


The best part about BlockFi is that it is a user-friendly platform. The exchange enables investors to earn up to 7.5% APY on the cryptocurrency. In addition to this, BlockFi also offers a commission-free environment.  

The platform will also enable you to earn instant income in cryptocurrency holdings. The platform works as a decentralized bank account. In addition, you will get world-class security features at the bitcoin exchange.  

BlockFi is a renowned global company. Through this platform, you can trade bitcoin and take out loans in all 50 states in the US. In addition, the interest account of BlockFi is also accessible in all 49 states. Moreover, the company is offering a promising future. Thus, you can have a great investment opportunity by choosing BlockFi. 


If you already belong to the cryptocurrency world, you must know about the Coinmama bitcoin trading platform. The company has its headquarters in Israel. The company had its debut in 2013 and offered a simple and secure place to purchase cryptocurrency. In addition, the company offers equal benefits to all sanctioned countries.  

If you are looking for a bitcoin exchange to purchase bitcoins using your credit card, Coinmama is a great place. The company also offers immediate delivery to the customers. You can also get an opportunity to buy coins and tokens at different exchange rates.  

The speedy authentication of the customers is another prominent feature of the Coinmama platform. Coinmama also offers 24X7 customer support services. The most significant feature of the Coinmama platform is that you can get faster and safer transactions. If you purchase one bitcoin or ten thousand bitcoins, you will get the best deals on the platform.  


eToro Bitcoin exchange platform is quite famous among the new generation investors. For people who want to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies, eToro offers a great investment opportunity. The platform is easily adaptable with a plethora of trading and money-making opportunities.  

The platform began its function in 2007, and it offers trading in stocks, cryptocurrencies, FX, and commodities. eToro is one of the best-licensed platforms that you can get. Moreover, the creative design of the platform will enable you to experiment with many advanced features. Thus, you can check your transactions, portfolio and access the latest feed from the platform. 

The filter option available on the website will enable you to select the assets you want to trade. For example, you can make selections in stocks, cryptocurrencies, or currencies with ease.  


If you are looking for the best bitcoin exchange globally, Coinbase is the perfect platform to choose. A good part about this exchange is that it offers an unmatched trading volume. The company also emphasizes the security of bitcoins. For novice crypto traders, Coinbase can be the perfect place to start your trading journey.  

Coinbase is known for offering professional and top-class experience to new investors. However, the exchange is functional only in 42 countries. Thus, you may have to check whether the platform offers services in your country or not. 

So, these are the best bitcoin exchanges that will help you start your trading journey. You can check the website to know more about these bitcoin exchanges.  

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