The Newest Hearthstone Update Has Touched Down

    Newest Hearthstone Update Has Touched Down

    To kick off the new Year of the Gryphon, the newest expansion of Hearthstone has been released. As with earlier expansions, some card sets will be moved to Wild, including ‘Rise of Shadows’, ‘Savior of Uldum’, and ‘Descent of Dragons’. One very exciting feature added is the ability to play Classic mode, in which the only cards available to build a deck out of and use are those that were first released in 2014. All 10 hero classes will also be given special ‘Ranked’ spells that increase in strength based on the number of mana crystals you have, while not changing the card’s cost. 

    Forged in the Barrens has made some very big changes to the game by creating Spell Schools! Players of Hearthstone would presumably be already aware that minion cards have their own types, such as Dragons, Demons, Mechs, Elementals, Murlocs, and Totems. But now spells will also be tagged with their own types, including Arcane, Frost, Holy, Nature, Fel, Fire, and Shadow. This change is being made retroactively to more than 400 existing spell cards.

    Not unlike the now longtime obsolete keyword ‘Enrage’ in which a minion would take on a special effect while damaged (such as the ‘Amani Berserker’ or ‘Spiteful Smith’), the new keyword added to the game ‘Frenzy’ allows a minion to trigger a special effect the first time it takes damage (and survives), which is similar to the recently added keyword ‘Spellburst’ which causes a minion to activate a one-time special action when controlled of the Spellburst minion casts a spell.

    Among the most interesting new cards are the Watch Posts. All three of these three minion cards cannot attack, but each has special passive supportability that has a lot of strategic potentials. You can find a description here:

    • Far Watch Post – 2 mana, 2 attacks, 4 health – After your opponent draws a card, it costs (1) more (up to 10).
    • Mor’Shan Watch Post – 3 mana, 3 attacks, 5 health – After your opponent plays minion, summon a 2/2 Grunt.
    • Crossroads Watch Post – 4 mana, 4 attacks, 6 health – Whenever your opponent casts a spell, give you minions +1/+1.

    One important change to gameplay and strategy is the removal of the Wrath of Air totem from the group of basic totems that the Shaman can summon with its unique hero ability. It was replaced with the Strength Totem which gives a +1 attack to a friendly minion at the end of each turn. This somewhat nerfs the Shaman’s spellcasting strength but improves on its minion-based board control.

    Now it’s common knowledge that with the advent of a new year everyone’s rank of course is reset. There’s no doubt about it that it can be somewhat boring, tedious, and time-consuming to grind game after game after game just to get your rank up high enough that you’re able to play with experienced players that have good decks and cards. That’s why you should go over to for Hearthstone Boosting. This will allow you to quickly level up your rank, and along the way earn better cards and rewards. The pro-Hearthstone players at will help you perfect the best play style for each hero, and master the meta-strategy.

    If you’re a new player and want to skip ahead to the good part, or if you’ve got a new phone or lost access to your account, you can purchase an existing account with all the rewards, card backs, gold cards, legendary cards, gold, arcane dust, tavern tickets, special heroes, wins, etc.

    Originally released in 2014 by developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game based on the lore of the Warcraft series. An extremely successful game, Hearthstone has delivered millions of dollars of revenue to Blizzard every month and has attracted more than 100 million players. A popular Esport game with cash prize tournaments, Hearthstone is currently available on both iOS and Android.

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