Is It Possible To Lighten Your Eye Color?

    Our eyes are such an important physical feature. Not only do they allow us to view the world, but they also impact how the world views us. The idea that eyes are the window to the soul stems from the fact that they are one of the first things people notice about us and our eye contact is linked to a deeper emotional connection with others.
    Since eye contact is a natural part of social interactions people often notice the color of each other’s eyes. If you have ever found yourself admiring people with a lighter eye color it is likely because it is unique. If you have ever wished that you can lighten your eye color you are not alone. It is normal to want to stand out or change your appearance and the good news is that you can, even with your eyes. Lightening your eye color may not be as easy as getting a perm to turn straight hair curly, but it is absolutely possible. Best of all, there are natural methods to lighten your eyes so you can avoid any damaging chemical or laser treatments.

    How Does Eye Color Work?

    The color of our eyes is a physical feature that results from a complex combination of genetics we inherit from our parents. In the simplest terms, eyes have two extremes of color with a spectrum of colors in the middle. At the darkest end of the spectrum is brown, an eye color produced by a high content of melanin in the iris of the eyes. Yes, this is similar to the melanin that determines our skin tone and a lack of this melanin produces blue eyes, which are the lightest color on the spectrum. In the middle of this spectrum are a variety of other colors including honey (light brown with yellow hues), Hazle (brown with green hues), Green, and a variety of colors in between. In a way, all darker eyes have blue eyes underneath their melanin. This is a result of blue eyes being a genetic variant of brown eyes that lacks melanin. This mutation happened hundreds of years ago and slowly mixed into the human gene pool over time.
    All eye colors are beautiful, but some are rarer than others. Brown eyes are the most common, then blue eyes, with hazel and green eyes making up the smallest percent of the population due to their unique green pigments. It is important to note that it is not possible to make new pigmentation appear in the eyes, such as green, but it is possible to decrease melanin to lighten the eyes and allow underlying pigments to shine through.

    Can I Make My Eyes Blue?

    Since there is such a diverse range of melanin production in the iris amongst people there is no guarantee that you can turn your eyes completely blue. The results you see from trying the natural eye color lighting methods listed will vary depending on your original eye color. Dark brown eyes may transition to a milk chocolate color and dark blue eyes may become a lighter blue, but you will never know the exact effects these methods will have on your eye color until you give them a try!

    Ok, So How Do I Get Started On Lightening My Eye Color?

    If you have looked into changing your eye color previous to reading this article then you have probably come across many of the unnatural options available. Colored contacts, laser therapy, surgically implanted iris color inserts, creams, and eye drops frequently come up as options. However, it should go without saying that these methods can be hazardous to your health for a variety of reasons. One of the most concerning is the increased risk of losing your vision, and what good is changing your eye color if you can’t even see it?. 
    Natural options for lightening eye color do not provide rapid results, however, they are worth the wait for safe and lasting change. 


    The food we eat has a powerful effect on our bodies, and that includes our eyes. Although science has yet to prove this phenomenon as fact, many individuals who have adopted a raw vegan diet have noted a lightening of their eye color. It is thought that this may be a result of the diet inhibiting melanin production within the iris over time. Individuals who have experienced this eye color change say it takes time to develop, often years, but if a raw vegan diet is constantly maintained this becomes a lasting change.
    Raw Vegan is a diet in which only whole foods that are not animal products are consumed. This includes organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and roots. This diet requires proper knowledge of nutrition or consultation from a nutritionist to ensure that proper nutritional intake is maintained. 
    One of the most prominent individuals who point about their eye color change on a raw vegan diet is Fully Raw Kristina. This influencer experienced health issues in her youth and found the remedy to be a fully raw vegan diet. As the years went on and her health improved her brown eyes lightened to include a greenish-hazel tone with hints of blue. 
    As long as the raw vegan diet is fully committed to, there is a chance at this lasting change in eye color, with the added perk of improved overall health!


    Eyes are not only the windows to the soul, they are also considered windows to our physical well-being. It has long been thought that our eyes and their color can tell us when there are health complications within the body. The glossy appearance of glaucoma and the yellowing from jaundice are two known ways that the body shows disease, but what about eye color?
    It is important to know that having darker eyes does not mean that you are impure or sick in any way, but in some cases, it is thought that diseases manifest in the darkening of one’s natural eye color. This concept has yet to be proven by scientific studies, but some individuals claim that their eyes lighten when physical ailments, like digestive complications, are resolved. 
    If you have any long-standing medical conditions or any notion that your health can improve, focus on that first and foremost. Not only will this lead you to a healthier lifestyle, but it may also result in a lightening of your eye color.


    Growing older is not all bad, you can actually look forward to a lightening of your eye color as you age. This is especially true as you reach your 50’s and up. There are some cases in which eye color change in old age is related to conditions like cataracts and those symptoms should be reviewed by a doctor. 
    A natural and healthy change in eye color with age is considered to be the result of a reduction in the production of pigments within the eyes. This change will not be drastic and it will take place slowly over time, so don’t expect to see it overnight on your 50th birthday. Instead, compare photos across the span of a few years and you will notice the change. 

    Are There Any Quick Fixes To Naturally Lighten My Eye Color?

    If you don’t want to wait until you are 50 or you don’t want to embrace the raw vegan diet that is perfectly understandable. These things take time and there will always be occasions when you are looking for a natural quick fix, so here are some options that can be combined with the ways to create lasting change or used alone. 

    Makeup & Style

    The color of our eyes is something that is interpreted by our vision and deciphered in our brain. The good news about this is that there are ways to trick our brains into perceiving colors differently.
    Using makeup that contrasts the color of your eyes will help their color stand out. If you have brown eyes, black eyeliner will make them appear lighter as it gives your brain something darker to compare your eye color to. 
    Wearing colors or using makeup that highlights the colors in your eyes that you most desire to highlight will also help lighten your eyes. If you have brown eyes with honey undertones then honey-colored clothing can help those undertones pop! Brown eyes with green undertones can appear more hazel when green tones closely highlight the eyes as well. 
    Dressing to impress is important, but dressing to highlight your eyes can be your simple solution for appearing to have a lighter eye color.


    If you have heard that your eye color changes with your mood there is a shred of truth behind that statement. It turns out that your eye color is actually changing with the size of your purple, which can be facilitated by a change in mood. 
    When your purple expands it shrinks your iris, consequentially condensing the pigment in that area and making your eye color appear darker. When your pupil shrinks the pigment in your iris is stretched thin and the color appears lighter. 
    Although you can’t always keep your pupils contracted, his fact can be a helpful trick for lightening your eye color in photos. If you take photos in an atmosphere with strong lighting your pupils will shrink, your iris will appear lighter, and the light undertones in your eyes will stand out. You can also cause your pupils to contract by focusing on a nearby object.
    All eyes are beautiful regardless of their color, but there is also no shame in working towards lightening them. These natural methods to lightening your eye color ensure that you can do so safely, regardless of if you choose a long-term method or a quick fix. I hope this inspires you to take some time to appreciate your eyes and all of the colors they contain on your journey to complement their natural charm.



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