Programming Skills vs. Academic Writing Skills. What Should You Choose?

    Programming Skills vs Academic Writing Skills

    This is a tough question for many students who are trying to set a career path for themselves. While growing up, you must have been taught some necessary programming skills. You fell in love with it. And as you grew up, you were taught in high school that academic writing skills were significant too. More so, you have seen a lot of students fail exams because they lacked the knowledge of proper academic writing skills. Now you feel lost, which one should you choose as a major? Should you concentrate on developing your writing skills or focus on programming? 

    If you decide to face programming, you might need help with some writing tasks as you progress in your studies. By then, you may choose to buy an academic essay online. But what about the prospects of developing your writing skills right now? Are you prepared to forego them? Or perhaps, you could take a shot at both programming and writing at the same time? 

    To enable you to make the right choice, you have to know the possibilities and benefits of studying any of these skills. Learning programming entails a lot, but so is writing too. Before we begin to explore these two fields of study, let’s understand the difference between coding and programming.

    How is programming different from coding?

    These two terms are mostly used interchangeably by many, including most programmers. But there are not entirely the same. 


    Programming is the process of inputting a set of instructions into a machine and expecting specific results from the computer. The computer manipulates the data received to implement specific tasks. Coding, on the other hand, is best described as the initial stage of programming where a coder writes code for a computer program.

    Why Programming Skills Are Important?

    Programming is changing the world

    In the past centuries, scholars relied on writing to spread information and new ideas. Essay writing, telegram, and letters were the conventional means of sharing ideas. But the advent of programming was a turning point in human history.

    Most of the changes and tech advancement we see around us today is as a result of programming. While in school, you can think of a possible solution to the problems many people face in society and bring it to reality with your programming skills. Remember that most people have ideas, but not everyone can bring theirs to reality.

    The ability to code effectively can help you in the outside world as the demand for coders across top industries is continuously on the rise. Hence, learning such a skill will open your mind to a world of possibilities, and you will be amazed by how far you can go.

    Why Academic Writing Skills Are Important?

    Academic writing is an essential skill that is mostly taken for granted. Either the student does not understand its potential, or they think it needs more time to learn. The truth is that it’s more than a professional skill. Even though you were asked to write an essay in college, it’s not something you can just jump at without understanding what it takes to write it to perfection.

    Writing skills

    One thing is sure, learning the intricate aspects of academic writing allows you to brush up your research skills. Research is an essential aspect of life and something you can’t do without even after graduating from college. 

    Academic writing forces you to begin to think analytically. You will be able to analyze events, situation, people, and describe how they affect a specific subject. Such skills are highly needed not just in the work world, but in all aspects of life, you come across. Now that you know these, how can you choose the right path for you?

    Before you settle down for a choice, you must perform self-evaluation and analysis of your interest, ideas, strengths, and weakness. If you are a great thinker, love math and love to solve your way through problems, then programming might just be the right career path for you. 

    On the other hand, if you love the idea of developing your critical thinking capabilities, you will find all the help you need in academic writing. It is also the right career choice for many that want to grow their knowledge on several subjects and be able to discuss confidently on a variety of topics.

    Do you find it challenging to choose the right career path between these two fields? Embracing both at the same time is risky, stressful, and demanding. This article has revealed what you must know before you make a choice. More so, it discussed tips to enable you to know the right path.

    Academic writing is unique, so is programming. We hope you can find the right path that suits you henceforth.

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