Top Certified Courses Online from Best Universities In India

Top Certified Courses Online from Best Universities In India

With the rapid digitalization of almost everything, getting acquainted with the trending skills is the need of the hour. 

Almost everyone belonging to any profession will have to acquire the newer skills to remain employable in this fast-changing market. But, often our busy work schedules hinder us from grabbing the right upskilling course. 

To end such dilemmas, online courses have come to the rescue. These courses have not only eliminated the problem of inflexible course timings but have also allowed us to upskill ourselves simultaneously with our hectic work schedules. In today’s time, there is a multitude of online courses available on the internet. But, choosing the right course that is affiliated to some meritorious institute is also important for enhancing the course’s credibility.

This article gives you a sneak peek into the top certified online courses that are buzzing in the market today. Find out 10 profitable online courses from top universities to reboot or kickstart your career now.

  • Diploma Programme in Data Science, IIT Madras

Data science is fast becoming one of the most valuable courses that are capable of providing huge benefits in terms of employment prospects. With most businesses shifting to complete digitalization, huge volumes of data are multiplying every day, and managing it is becoming increasingly challenging. Hence, data science jobs are one of the highest-paying ones in the IT sector. 

A diploma course in data science from the prestigious IIT Madras will be super-beneficial for you to start your career as a data scientist. With world-class teachers, learning assistance, and project-based learning, it will make you job-ready for top companies like Amazon, Accenture, and Microsoft.

  • PG Diploma in Marketing and Sales, Amity University

With the age of entrepreneurship taking off in India, marketing and sales are among the potential sectors with many job openings. A high-profile marketing and sales job in India can fetch you a handsome salary. 

A postgraduate diploma course in marketing and sales from Amity University will not only open up newer avenues of employment but will give you the best learning experience from top industry experts. Amity University is one of the best private universities in India that provides the best form of flexible online learning along with guaranteed placement assistance in top companies. 

  • Masters in Business Administration, IGNOU

No matter whichever stream you belong from, at any point in time if you think of trying for a well-paying corporate job, then earning an MBA will come to your mind. Businesses, big or small, have a whole lot of operations that require to be categorized. With an MBA degree, you can enter into finance, human resource, marketing, supply chain, entrepreneurship, and a lot more. 

You can opt for a full-time distance learning course from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) which offers one of the cheapest online MBA programs in India. You can learn the core concepts of business and also become a certified business professional after the course completion.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, BITS Pilani

Shifting from digitalization to automation is fast taking over all forms of businesses. We are likely to see a scaled-up usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming years. The huge dearth of AI experts has made them one of the most in-demand jobs in India. 

A postgraduate certification program in AI and machine learning from Birla Institute of Technology (BITS), Pilani, can fetch you lucrative job offers from top MNCs like Amazon, Flipkart, and HCL. The program offers an immersive learning experience covering the fundamentals along with working on a capstone project under the guidance of top-class faculty and industry experts. 

  • Certification Programme in Digital Marketing, XIMR

Transforming businesses from offline to online is a huge task that is being fulfilled by digital marketing specialists. All businesses, big, medium or small, are trying to explore the online market base through comprehensive digital marketing. Hence, digital marketing has become one of the most lucrative professions in India that can be mastered by people of all age groups, provided they have the perfect know-how.

In collaboration with Eduonix Learning Solutions, a certification program in digital marketing from Xavier’s Institute of Management and Research (XIMR) offers India’s best e-learning modules. This is a field that equally welcomes people from non-technical backgrounds to explore its potential. Becoming a digital marketer is quite easy but the right course will fetch you the best practical knowledge to build a profitable career. This certificate covers topics like the fundamentals of digital marketing, e-commerce selling, SEO/SEM, and e-mail marketing. The course comes with 100% placement assistance along with a myriad of project work and case studies for credible learning. 

  • Cloud Computing, IIT Bangalore

Businesses are now resorting to cloud platforms that allow them to store, access, analyze and retrieve huge amounts of data. Cloud computing is yet another revolutionizing field in the IT sector that is gaining quick popularity. 

You can opt for a software development course specializing in cloud computing from IIT Bangalore. The certification course offers opportunities to indulge in the in-depth learning of core programming languages, object-oriented programming and cloud computing, capstone project and case studies along with placement assistance.

  • Cybersecurity, IIT Bangalore

The new-age digitalization of business operations has also given rise to online fraudulent practices of various forms by hackers. To evade the disastrous losses from such cyber money laundering, ethical hacking has emerged to the rescue. 

An online PG program in software development specializing in cybersecurity from IIT Bangalore will open lucrative employment avenues. It is one of the best courses in cybersecurity offering in-depth knowledge on data secrecy, application security, cryptography, etc. It also comes with expert mentorship, industry-based projects, and placement assistance.

  • Big Data Management, IIT Bangalore

Jobs in big data management have scaled up to a massive level and are yet to see more increase. Professionals knowing Python, SQL and Hadoop are much in demand in the top companies. 

An online advanced certification course in big data management from IIM Bangalore offers full-fledged technical know-how of over 10 software. The course is structured to deliver a comprehensive knowledge of organizing, analyzing, interpreting, and managing big data in businesses.

  • Travel and Tourism Management, Amity University

Post COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism sector is witnessing a booming market potential which is likely to increase in the coming years. Travel and tourism businesses are also shifting towards digitalization for a wider reach and scalability. 

A full-time online PG diploma in travel and tourism management from Amity University will offer world-class knowledge and expertise for anyone eyeing this field. Led by an experienced faculty, the course covers fundamental concepts along with project-oriented learning, making one fully job-ready by the time of its completion.

  • Full Stack Development, IIT Bangalore

Full-stack developers are in high demand in today’s market and are in charge of adding value to the digital platforms of all sectors of businesses. The ever-changing needs of consumers are compelling businesses to constantly remodel and redesign their digital platforms. 

If you want to excel as a full stack developer then a certification course is a mandate to land a profitable job. The PG full stack development course by IIT Bangalore covers the core concepts of data structuring, UI/UX designing and backend development. You will get assistance and mentorship from IIT professors, as well as placement assistance in top companies.


As they say, learning has no age, you too can pick up any of the courses mentioned above to start or change your career. These are some of the trending courses that professionals are intensively focussing on to scale up their employability in the changing times.

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