Starting HTML


This is an introductory blog on HTML. Here we will create a very basic HTML program. If you are just starting on HTML you will be able to understand the nature and structure of HTML code.

HTML is a Markup language used mainly in Website designing. Using HTML we can create Web pages and other information that can be run on the browser.HTML consist of different types of tags. The tag is written inside the braces(< >).It consist of starting tag and end tag. <br> is an attribute which does not require ending tag. In some browser it is not necessary to end the<p> tag.

In our blog today we will write an example using

1) <head></head>
2) <body></body>
3) <html></html>
4) <p></p> is used for paragraph
5) <h></h> is used to provide heading. We provide h1, h2, h3, h4,h5,h6.the size of font is least in h6.
6) <a> tag is used to provide a link.
7) <Img> it is used to load an image.

Let us now look into the code

In this part of our code we have created a tag <title> with in the head tag of HTML. The message “Welcome to PolarStar” will be displayed as title.

In this part above we have used the tag h1 which is used for heading. </p> is to create a paragraph. The next tag is to display the image. We must use a global url like the one used so that the image will work on any system. The tag is for an external link. Here in this example we are going to

Output will look like the following



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