InfographicsAn Inforgraphic to Learn React Native

An Inforgraphic to Learn React Native

Inforgraphic to Learn React Native
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React Native was introduced on the heels of Facebook’s React JavaScript library. It extended React, by allowing developers to create native apps for Android and iOS in JavaScript – an extremely difficult feat.

Building cross-platform native apps that work beautifully is a tough task. Today, Native environments are extremely powerful and flexible than the browser environments. However, developing apps for the different operating systems (OSes) available is a long and tiring process. Each platform requires its own specific set of tooling, its own specific set of abstractions and all platform specific code, making the codes and the concepts unusable for other platforms. Developers are required to learn, write and maintain code for each individual OS. So, they would have create four versions of the same app, and they would differ across the OSes.

This is where React Native shines. React Native acts as a bridge between the host platform and the coding, allowing developers to write the entire app in JavaScript and render it with native components and gestures on different operating systems.

Here is an infographic to help you learn a little more about React Native:


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