InfographicsLearn The Latest Big Data Trends with DevOps Infographic

Learn The Latest Big Data Trends with DevOps Infographic

DevOps Infographic by Eduonix

Before DevOps came around, developing an app was extremely difficult. The constant process of coding, testing, coding and then testing again resulted in a lot of delays and opportunities lost. DevOps, which is the combination of the words Development and Operations, combines the two into one bigger and smarter unit, rather than two different ones.

The major problem that arises when programming and coding come into the picture is communication, where teams either have little to no communication or there is often miscommunication and this can result in a problem for the product overall. DevOps simplify the process of communication by ensuring more transparency between the different teams.

While some engineers refer to DevOps as a blessing, others consider it a necessary evil. DevOps definitely simplifies the process of not only developing a product, but also maintaining it post production – when it gets deployed to the users. All in all, the entire maintenance becomes a whole lot simpler.

Let’s delve a little deeper into DevOps with this detailed infographic.
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