Internet of ThingsWhy Brands Need To Leverage Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Why Brands Need To Leverage Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Have you ever been put on hold or endlessly transferred while trying to resolve an issue over the phone? Chances are every consumer is familiar with this irritating feeling. 

Here’s the thing: customers tend to expect a fast reaction or informative feedback when they contact a business. That’s why tech-savvy brands utilize IVR surveys and tools to build and nurture relations with clients. 

If you’re in a business where clients call you regularly, or are looking for a way to boost customer loyalty and improve efficiency, IVR is your golden ticket. 

Let’s explore the significance of IVR technology in more detail and establish why it has become a staple of client service.

IVR Explained

IVR is a technology that allows clients to interact with a computer system through speech auto-attendant or touch-tone dialing.

Today, it’s not uncommon for IVR technologies to recognize the voices of callers and utilize built-in AI to provide relevant and appropriate information to customers. With AI in the picture, this technology can automatically direct clients to specific sections of calling centers or directly to available managers and agents.

Brands often use this technology to create custom greetings. While it might seem a little extra, this personal touch can offer a lot of value to callers and significantly elevate customer experience (CX).

Benefits Of Utilizing An IVR

Let’s face it: IVRs have a lot to offer. One of the primary benefits is access to multi-level IVR that can help you increase the efficiency of customer service, collect essential customer data, and enhance your workflow.

More often than not, brands require a sophisticated IVR system that offers both keypad and voice interaction options. From the business perspective, the principal goal is to deliver an excellent caller experience and avoid causing any frustration whatsoever.

Thanks to today’s advancements in IVR technology, enterprises can elevate CX and facilitate the interaction process. 

Let’s look at the principal reasons why brands need to utilize IVR:

  • Ability to handle high call volumes and route calls when needed
  • Power to capture and process only relevant information
  • Potential to improve satisfaction fates
  • Ability to automatically detect fraudulent calls
  • Capability to provide feedback instantly
  • Opportunity to deliver personalized messages and greetings

IVR Use Cases

If you’re new to IVR or exploring the ways to use it, here are the most common use cases you may wish to consider:

Empower Your Ad Campaigns With Phone Leads

Some marketing experts treat IVR as an asset. For instance, they use it while sending out email newsletters or leveraging lead magnets. When customers encounter a message like “Take this brief survey to win an iPhone”, they call a specific number and interact with an IVR. This way, marketers capture essential information and utilize it in future campaigns.

Score Top-Of-The-Funnel Phone Leads

IVRs can be used as lead scoring tools. How does it work? You can choose a specific question for IVR to ask a caller. This way, you can qualify every caller for a campaign or reject a lead. Then, you can pass the leads that scored high enough to sales or send them to the next round of IVR depending on your campaign.

Customize IVR For Explicit Business Needs

As mentioned before, IVRs can be customized to meet literally any business requirement. But while this technology can be utilized regardless of the industry, one of the primary use cases is processing sensitive client data for insurance and healthcare purposes. 

Let’s say that an insurance specialist or a healthcare facility needs to verify a patient’s eligibility before any services are rendered. With an IVR conversion tool, healthcare providers can inquire about any general info, enrollee verification, or claim status.

On top of that, clients often have questions about upcoming screenings, emergency visits, or their insurance. In a nutshell, IVR can work wonders for experts in any field, including insurance agents, sales reps, and healthcare services.

Deliver an elevated client experience with IVR software, which is available as part of Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

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