Internet of ThingsIoT Future: How It Can Change The World

IoT Future: How It Can Change The World

IoT Future

The internet is growing at a pace that has become immeasurable, with more and more advancements and innovation popping up each day. More companies are constantly working on making our lives better and easier, offering innovations that the world has only been dreaming about.

When we watched Sci-Fi movies during the mid to late 1990s, we balked at the idea that there could be a smart house that was so connected that it would know when we are home or when we left and when to heat up the food, and so on. However, today – we have so many different connected devices that can actually do all of that. Smart Refrigerators that can tell you when you are out of grocery to smart thermostats that can automatically find the right temperature to keep you comfortable. Adding all those components together, you are no longer that far away from owning a Smart House.

The official term for these smart technologies have been labeled as the ‘Internet of Things’, which has sort of become the umbrella term for any device that connects to the internet and can send and receive information.

With the world already driving at a faster pace to adopt more IoT products, there are a few trends that experts have noticed in the IT stream. These trends and predictions play an important role in determining the future of IoT products.

Here are five future things that we think the world should know about IoT:

More Connected Devices
The trend that we can see today implies that the world has yet to see more connected devices. It won’t be long before every little thing you own becomes a hub for sharing and receiving information. From our watches, to our shoes to even our clothes, we can expect that connectivity can become our more important feature. You might think that we are exaggerating with smart clothes, but the research has already begun, even if the product hasn’t become mainstream yet. If this trend continues, we expect more and more connected devices to be launched in the near future.

Endless Market
When we discuss releasing more IoT products into the market, it is also important to discuss the actual market. According to experts, there is an endless market for IoT products. As a constant smartphone population, we crave connectivity and the IoT market definitely delivers our constant requirement for information and connectivity. So, you will definitely see more quirky products, such as Smart Tables, and there will always be a market for the next best IoT product.

Smarter Cities
In addition to making homes smarter, companies are also looking to make cities smarter. With Bosch, Phillips, IBM and many other companies pitching in, companies are creating extremely innovating and sustainable devices and practices to make a better infrastructure. Government and cities adopting more “innovative and smart” technologies that can automate, remotely manage, and collect data through visitor kiosks, video camera surveillance systems, bike rental stations, and even taxis, will allow them to collect more accurate data and employ it in an efficient manner.

Artificial Intelligence Becomes Prominent
Every smart device collects data or user patterns, from phones to lighting systems, thermostats, and even coffee makers. All of the data that is collected is stored on the cloud and is used for machine learning. So, for the next time your machine interacts with you, it will collect the information and store it for future reference. When you interact again, it cross-checks with the data already stored to make your interaction more seamless. More devices as they connect to the internet, are going to start becoming smarter, with AI becoming increasingly common among all connected devices.

More Accessible Hackers
Since the future will become more connected, one device will be able to control all aspects of your life, which means that it is also the most sensitive device. A smartphone that connects your email, banking, locks, security camera, thermostat, baby monitor, and even your washing machine will become the most important device, that you need to secure. However, if hackers manage to compromise the security of your phone, the rest of your connected services are also compromised. As technology gets smarter, hackers will also become smarter, making having connected devices dangerous.

IoT is definitely the future, and one that we can’t seem to shake off. Even if you are not a fan of connected devices, you might not have a chance as more companies are definitely going to become increasingly futuristic. This is why it is important to understand the implications of a connected world.

If you liked this article or have any questions or suggestions about IoT or even technology in general, please let us know in the comments section below.


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