Internet of ThingsAll You Need To Know About The Latest IT Security Fundamentals

All You Need To Know About The Latest IT Security Fundamentals

Presently IT is a leading and one of the top industry! And with the change in time it changes its perspectives too, like, initially huge computers, then extra small chips, robotics, networking, communications, forecasting, and now with more advance faces as IOT, VOIP and AI. And no one does even know, how far we will go in future. Here in this article, we will discuss the latest IT Security Fundamentals.

With the increase in levels and online use of networking it makes our life more reliable, but vulnerable on the other hand too, e.g. our most precious and sensitive data is now available online. These online data gathering on online networks is like decorating cuisines for online hackers and this is the place where most of cyber crime takes place. Isn’t it like a nightmare or something, but don’t forget every problem has some solution, and for all this, IT industry also has its IT Security Fundamentals.

The general and formal IT network fundamentals are according to CIA triangle, which covers Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. These are the three core elements and basic steps to follow, but what else than the basics? Let’s have a keen eye on all in the prescribed manner:

Following are the few IT Security Fundamentals

Current and updated versions: An updated version always comes with a better plan than the previous one at some extents, which makes them a must to have for your network security. It is because these online hackers are always on them to unlock the weak points, and find the vulnerability, and I am damn sure that there will be online tips and tricks to hack even old and current security programs. So, for non-technical and technical people, updating your network securities and systems is an initial and essential tip.

Confidentiality: Yes, you have heard it right, the second most crucial point to consider during and after establishing your security parameter is its access control. Make sure that your data is only accessible by yourself or authorised persons, so that data doesn’t fall in any wrong hands. To make it durable one can follow below steps:

  • Use all access denied on every single default.
  • Restrict to use shared accounts.
  • Make your policies crystal clear and rigid for access control.
  • Mention level of access and data permissions.
  • These few easy-peasy steps will make your protection wall more rigid against vulnerabilities.

Test, monitoring and penetration: Testing is one of the vital process to follow for every small or big kind of systems. Make your testing very versatile and check each and every loophole with a keen eye, so that no one get any chance to budge into your network. Make review to your IDS and Firewall logs, virus detectors, system logins and set up automatic email alerts. Few virus and threat detectors might cause you some big fee, but don’t worry as here are few free of cost things are also available. You can consider SNMP device as Linux and Spiceworks too. Apart from that iPage is one of the cheapest and leading hosting and complimentary security provider. These tools can help you to test, monitor and penetrate outside attacks.

Risk management and backup: Taking a backup is also a part of risk management, and one of the major subsets for any security program. With most of the assessments and approaches an appropriate action is always cherished and this is what we called risk management. But there is no string to accomplish this state, so, what should we do? Here are few general parameters one can follow to set their feet in risk management.

  • Physical security of sensitive systems, servers and devices.
  • Enforcement of role separations and work spaces.
  • Defence mechanism with trustworthy workforce.
  • Strong and uncommon passwords

And last but not the least Backup. An updated and regular backup helps to secure your data from all crashes.

We do hope that these few fundamentals will help you out in setting up an appropriate system for your IT industry. And with these fundamentals, one can make sure that their system and data is protected from outer breaches.


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