Top IoT Mobile App Development Trends In 2020


The world of technology is one that is continuously evolving. Every year, each day new innovations come to light, revolutionizing our way of life. From the first wheel to smart cities, we’ve come a long way. 

The evolution of smart cities is the result of the innovation named, IoT, or Internet of Things.  IoT is a system where computers and other digital devices are interconnected over cloud storage. The connected devices are capable of transferring data at fast speed.

IoT has stirred quite an uproar in the digital world with its mass potential to bring everything and everyone online. With its increasing popularity, developers need to adopt the technology into their mobile apps along with learning and understanding all IoT tools to stay ahead of the competition. This has significantly increased the use of top IoT mobile app development tools.

That said, here are the trends related to top IoT mob development tools that you should know in 2020 for mobile app development:

1. Cybersecurity for IoT

cyber-securityWith an increased number of devices online, cybersecurity will be a top priority for all companies as IoT gains popularity. The network will expand and data volume will increase, meaning more information to protect. 

IoT security will see an exponential rise as more users put their data on the cloud. From banking details to home security, and patient information as well will be accessible via the Internet of Things if the firewall is weak. Therefore, mobile app development companies, like Applify Labs, need to upgrade the security of their IoT-enabled apps.

Currently, IoT security is much like firewalls in laptops and computers. In the coming years, these features will need an upgrade. Face recognition, fingerprint scan, and other biometric logins, plus AI, machine learning, and Big Data, will be increasingly favored for enhanced cybersecurity.

2. IoT & Healthcare

With healthcare turning to the mobile platform, IoT-enabled apps open up new opportunities to improve the medical sector. IoT has immense applications in the field of healthcare and is expected to increase at a rate of 26.2%.

Healthcare apps featuring IoT technology will reform the medical world, helping professionals tend to their patients even from a distance. Smart wearables and implants, as well as car monitors, will record diverse parameters to keep patients’ health in check. 

Sensors, portable devices, and all kinds of medical equipment will be integrated with IoT, which means real-time updates on patient health and transfer of data to all relevant personnel.

3. Smart Cities on the Rise

IoT EnthusiastSmart Cities are one of the significant and most proud accomplishments of IoT and modernization. Integrated with IoT-powered devices, these cities promise improved efficiency and safety for the average folk on the streets and at homes. With superfast data transfer over fast internet connection like 5G, public transportation will also experience a massive shift in the way it works.

IoT will work on developing smart parking lots, street lights, and traffic control. Furthermore, with IoT and fast internet, we’ll live in a world where our refrigerator will know what food you have inside, and coupled with your health monitor, it will also recommend a list of healthy meals. IoT will impact traffic congestion, security, and sustainable development for a green future.

4. Smart Devices Make Smart Homes

Smart cities will also include smart homes powered by IoT-enabled devices. Smart devices are already vastly integrated into our daily lives. In 2020, these devices will be more evolved, intuitive in design and functionality.

Smart devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa will be readily available for every home. Additionally, applications of smart devices will expand beyond looking up recipes for lunch or turning on the music. You can expect them to help prevent kitchen fires, save energy, and more. 

2020 will turn these devices more intuitive and innovative, with more advanced technology available in the market. Therefore, the increased use of smart home devices is an indisputable IoT mobile app development trend.

5. AI, Big Data, and IoT

Libraries & Frameworks for AI & ML- AlgorithmsAn increase in the number of devices will mean more information floating about during transmission. To process a large amount of data, AI and Big Data will play a role. 

Data analysis is vital for a company’s growth. As Geoffrey Moore says, “Without data analytics, companies run blind and deaf, like a deer on the freeway.”

AI and machine learning, coupled with Big Data techniques, will help companies with data analytics and make better decisions based on those results. Improved data analysis will also help strategize future app development projects, marketing plans, and branding. 

6. IoT for Retail Therapy

IoT app trends also extend towards the e-commerce industry. Retail supply chain management will be more efficient than before with the integration of IoT devices. It will improve the online shopping experience for individuals across the globe. 

Additionally, IoT will make the retail experience more personalized for each customer with in-app advertisements based on the users’ shopping history. We already receive discounts notifications based on products we purchase in stores. With IoT-enabled applications, we’ll see mobile apps guiding us to the location of our preferred product via in-store maps. 

7. Commuting with IoT Will be Easier

IoT will also make commuting easier for students, business people, the elderly, and more. For the general population, commuting is a significant problem with today’s traffic conditions. With innovations in technology and integration of IoT, mobile apps will make traveling a breeze for everyone.

Here are some of the ways commuting will improve with IoT:

  • Smart street lights will make roads safer for pedestrians.
  • Finding parking spaces will be effortless with data-driven parking apps.
  • In-app navigation and payment will make public transportation reliable.
  • IoT-powered apps will also improve routing between different modes of transport.

With so many benefits, for iOS and Android, the mobile app development market will see an influx of transportation apps in the coming years.

8. Blockchain


Blockchain technology primarily allows an enterprise or an individual to make secure transactions over the internet without any interference from middlemen.

As the number of devices online and interconnected increases, it means more data will be floating around on the cloud, vulnerable to hacking. In 2020, and the coming years, Blockchain will help improve cybersecurity for IoT-enabled devices. 

Blockchain technology will be immensely beneficial for financial and government institutions using IoT devices for all their transactions. Additionally, with the promise of security for their data, it will build trust in the consumers for the brand.

9. IoT for Sustainable Energy Management

With the threat of climate change imminent, we must work on introducing solutions for cleaner air and water around the globe. IoT-powered technology can help to advance talks of sustainable energy and move into the production of devices that counter the growing pollution.

Many green projects are already in place at a commercial scale, encouraging plantation of trees for cleaner air and water treatment plants to distill the sewage water for pure drinking water. 

Research for IoT-powered solutions is still in its infancy for large-scale use, but people are hopeful for the future where IoT apps will help make the environment sustainable. 

10. Wearable Devices

The wave of innovations and advancements will also touch the wearable-tech market. From the design to the function, wearable devices will take on a new look.

They will become more sophisticated, intuitive, and powerful in design and function in sync with your smartphones. With the integration of IoT-enabled applications, they will add to the convenience of users. 

The IoT Revolution Still to Come!

IoT trends extend far beyond those listed! From boosting predictive maintenance to workforce management, smart warehouses, and more, IoT devices will be one of the technologies we use every day. 

With more intuitive technology in the market, life will be more convenient for industries and consumers. If you are looking to invest in mobile app development, hire a team of developers, and create an IoT-powered app. 

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