InterviewsMost Commonly Asked Interview Questions On Web Development

Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions On Web Development

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

If you are a web developer preparing for an interview, here are the most common interview questions that you can be asked by the technical panel. You as a web developer should prepare for topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery so that you can convincingly impress your prospective employer and grab that lucrative and satisfying web development job.

All for the sake of prepping you for that job interview, you can refer to the below questions as a quick-reference guide. It will not be an exaggeration to quote that this long list of over 50 interview questions will make your dream of settling in an exciting web development assignment a reality.

Let us now get started with the two fundamental questions that every technical panel throws at job prospects. These are: –

1. What are the important responsibilities of a web developer?

2. What are all the core technologies that make up a good web developer?

The technical interview now progresses with an intent to match the company’s job description with your skills. Your response to the following questions will come as instruments to assess your knowledge and on-the-job proficiency in the sphere of web development.

3. What is w3c?

4. What is the expansion of SVG and its functionality?

5. What is a Canvas? What is the default measurement of its border size?

6. Can you identify the differences between SVG and Canvas?

7. What are some of your favorite web development tools? Explain your answer quoting examples.

8. What is your top web development language and why? Are there any other features that you would like to add to this language?

9. What do you know about CORS and how does it work?

10. Can you bring out the differences between HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2? In what way is HTTP/2 superior to HTTP/1.1?

11. What do you understand about ETag and its functionalities?

12. What is DTD (Document Type Declaration)? Bring out the difference between CDATA and PCDATA in DTD.

Moving on to the concept of long polling, you may be asked a couple of questions that will highlight your knowledge about this Push technology.

13. What is your understanding about long polling? How does it work and why should you use it?

14. In the context of server and client resources, what is the main disadvantage of using long polling?

15. Can you name the HTML5 feature which is a perfect alternative to long polling?

Here are the remaining questions that cover all the topics of web development in a jumbled manner.

16. What is HTML5 Web Storage?

17. Can you bring out the differences between SessionStorage Objects and LocalStorage?

18. After you have coded a web application, what are the tips that can help you reduce the load time?

19. What are the numerous ways in which you can reduce the time taken to load a page?

20. Bring out the difference between ‘Window.Onload’ and ‘OnDocumentReady’?

21. What is the best and the right way to include JavaScript into HTML?

22. How can you change the Style or Class of any element using JavaScript?

23. Tell us about Namespacing and its application.

24. Are you familiar with the various types of Popup Boxes that are available in JavaScript?

25. What is the difference between ‘Alert()’ and ‘Confirm’?

26. Can you speak about the differences between local storage and cookies?

27. Can you explain the purpose behind each and every HTTP request when tagged with a RESTful web service?

28. Explain with a simple example about the basic structure of “MIME” multipart message and its functionality when it is used to transfer different content type parts. What does MIME consist of?

29. Can you throw light on the differences between Stateless and Stateful protocols?

30. What is the type of protocol that HTTP is? Can you explain in detail?

31. Can you list out the differences between POST and GET?

32. What is the tag in HTML that can be used to initiate a multi-line input control?

33. What is the syntax to refer to a CSS file in the web page?

34. What are the various types of CSS?

35. What is an ID Selector?

36. What is a Class Selector and how is it different from an ID Selector?

37. What are the striking differences between HTML and XHTML?

38. Can you list out the new APIs provided by HTML5 standard?

39. What are the differences between ‘frame’ and ‘div’?

40. When using CSS, how can you change the background color of a form when a user is typing or entering the text? Can this principle be applied to all browsers?

41. How do you perform grouping in CSS3?

42. What is Webkit in CSS3 and why is it used?

43. What is the script to enable Pagination while using CSS3?

44. Can you explain what transitions are in CSS3?

45. What are all the components of a CSS Box Model?

46. Have you heard about Pseudo-Classes in CSS? If yes, what are they?

47. What is Z-Index? How does it work?

48. Can you tell us about Scope in JavaScript?

49. How can you submit a Form using JavaScript?

50. Do you know of a mechanism that can help you detect the operating system of your client’s machine?

51. What is the use of ‘This’ keyword in JavaScript?

52. What is the syntax that allows you to make Generic Objects in JavaScript?

53. Can you highlight the difference between Form Post and Form Get?

54. Do you know what a Sprite is and its application in CSS? What is the advantage of using Sprite?

55. Where do you place your coded JavaScript on the webpage?

Conclusion; –
HTML5, JavaScript and CSS are the three core web technologies around which your interview will revolve. Allowing you to land up in a well-paid job of a web developer, it is through your diligent preparation that you can provide convincing responses to the above questions posed by the interviewing panel. A perfect blend of technical expertise and strong communication skills will help you grab the attention of the hiring managers who are scouting for a skilled and well-informed web developer. Simply prep yourself with these questions and you will surely get absorbed into your dream company as an expert web developer.


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