Build Better Games with iOS9: Here’s How

Build Better Games with iOS9 Here's How

As the coding technology behind Apple becomes more and more user friendly, the implications for coders have been vast. Now, it is easier than ever to take advantage of the amazing tools that Apple has available for programmers to develop interactive apps, make beautiful user interfaces, and of course, create awesome games.

Things like multitasking for an iPad or on your main screen, while interfacing with a game, are now quick and easy with the new class structure in the coding languages. With tools like the all new expanded Search function, the Gameplay kit, the Replay kits, and the Model I/O, the sandbox is open and ready for coders to come and play.

Gameplay Kit
If anyone out there has ever tried to design a game, you know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. With the advances in technology available, users have a pretty high bar in their heads when it comes to what is expected from developers and from products. This means that there are tons of algorithms and code blocks you need to have in place to have successful things like running, jumping rules, gravity, time and motion, interaction with background elements, and so on. How do you find the time to code all of these different items and still make a great game?

Enter the Gameplay kit. With this handy tool, you don’t have to worry about any of that if you don’t want to. The Gameplay kit comes with multiple premade packs of code that take care of all of these functions and more. No longer will your ideas for an incredible game be hindered by a lack of time for coding complex routines that need to run in the background. With the easy to manipulate blocks of code available in the Gameplay kit, you can either work with the standards available, or you can go in and edit them to your liking.

On top of this, they even offer functional code examples that play out as complete games. You can see first-hand how the sections of code work, and if you want to dive in and play from here, you can. For those that learn best by doing, the Gameplay kit is a great place to start.

Replay KitReplay Kit

When you’re making a game, it can be handy to test and review what you’re doing. It can also be handy to have an interactive community at your disposal to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. The Replay kit is another new tool for coders, and it lets you record your gameplay so you can not only go back and see what worked and what didn’t, but it also lets you upload and share your gaming progress with online communities that can help you along, provide valuable feedback, or just give you encouragement.
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Model I/O
It’s one thing to make a simplistic, 2D game. It’s another thing to try to develop a fully functional 3D world. For those that want to be involved with 3D animation and programming but don’t know where to start, or who need a quick leg up, there’s the Model I/O. This incredible add-on contains numerous 3D models and code blocks. Not only can you see how a 3D element would look and behave in the code, but you can also see how it would interact with textures, other elements, the background, and so on.

The Model I/O doesn’t just stop there. Imagine a tool that provides you detailed world-building tools already made for you. On top of this, different types of textures are pre-coded in the Model I/O, along with how they would interface with various components in your game.

The Model I/O allows for users to import and export their 3d assets and code, and to work with any 3d model data. The online communities associated with the Model I/O builder also provide scores of different test subjects that you can download and play with. On top of this, you can use the Methods listed out in the Model I/O to not only code interactions, but visual elements such as lighting and shade. Not only can you easily code these items for yourself, but you can use the provided models to see just how these elements are supposed to work in the Apple OS.

Finally, the Model I/O helps coders to keep their code and their games realistic. It can be easy to get carried away and forget how an element will impact an end user. With the tools available in the Model I/O and the quick and easy playback functions at hand, it can be simple to go through and verify that what you’ve done will provide the end user with an enjoyable experience.


Game Code
The ease and availability of coding samples for these new tools is something that doesn’t take a lot of searching to verify, but for your convenience, here is a sample of coding language for a game:
If you don’t believe that the new coding tools can provide you with top notch and manageable coding experiences, look no farther than the sample provided above. It was made using the tools described in this article, and  is one sample of literally hundreds that are available, free, and waiting for you online.

Game Code

Admittedly, it can be hard to believe that coding for the mac has become this easy. Apple has been known for years as one of the hardest platforms to code for, hands down. As a result, Apple has decided to expand their tools and welcome as many coders as they can into their language so that their library of available applications will continue to grow and impress. As these tools become more and more available and coders become more prolific in their use, the future of gaming on iPhones, iPads, and personal computers will only continue to grow and impress. Who knows? The next great game everyone will be playing might just come from you.


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