Why We Love Java (And You Should, Too!)


Java is a programming language that was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java is almost everywhere. Most of applications and websites are dependent on Java. Right from game consoles to cell phones java is ruling the technical market.

Learning Java flourishes you with various powers:

  • Java is an object oriented language which helps in improving programming skills.
  • It makes you capable to learn and understand complex things in programming and development.
  • As a developer, you can enhance your logical thinking using Java.
  • You can create various computer programs that can help you in your day to day life.
  • Web applications can be developed using JavaScript and Java server pages(JSP).
  • Once you have a firm control on java language you will have great demand in Technical Market.
  • Java Skills can get you a high salary package working as a Java Developer/Software Engineer.

Once you start thinking like a programmer and are familiar one or two programming languages like Java, learning other programming languages becomes very simple and you can grasp it easily once you have got the basics down.

Reasons to answer the question, Why We Love Java?

  1. Java is simple to learn:
    • It has simple syntax which makes java programming easy to master it.
    • Once you are familiar with installing JDK, setting the PATH, how to write classes, executing programs, it’s very easy to write programs in Java.

  2. Java is Object Oriented Programming Language:
  3. java_2

    • Java gained popularity because it is an Object Oriented Programming Language.
    • OOPS concept has made application development much easier.
    • Once you are familiar with oops concepts like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, inheritance, etc. you can implement them in developing your application software’s.

  4. Java has Rich API:
  5. api

    • One of the most important key feature of making Java most popular is its Rich API.
    • Java provides an API for almost everything for example like.. I/O, networking, utilities, xml parsing, database connection, GUI, etc.
    • As a result you need not have to code for each and everything. Just use the API’s provided by Java and you are done!!!

  6. Developments Tools:
  7. java tools

    • Java has powerful development tools like Eclipse and Net-Beans that have played a vital role in making Java as one of the best programming language.
    • You would love coding in the Integrated Development Environment especially if you have been using notepad, etc.
    • It makes the development much faster, easier and fluent.
    • In case of any error or wrong syntax the IDE suggests options for correcting the same.
    • It also provides functionalities like searching, refactoring,reading code, etc.

  8. Open Source Libraries:
  9. libraries

    • Java development is made easy due to the availability of open source libraries which provides faster and cost effective development.
    • The libraries that are required for development purpose are easily available which can be used as and when required to bring the product in functional.
    • These libraries can be used to support various classes and one can implement them easily.

  10. Java is Free of Cost:
  11. free of cost

    • The first question comes to our mind before using any technology is that of its cost.
    • But I am very happy to say that it’s available free of cost.
    • Hence, the organization or a programmer who wants to use this technology can use it without paying a single penny from their pocket.
    • Due to its cost effectiveness most of the organizations and individuals are taking deep interest in learning Java.
    • As a result Cost effectiveness is one of the main reasons why one loves programming in Java.

  12. Availability of Java:
  13. employment

    • Java is freely available as a result, most of the people and developers prefer learning it and due to this huge availability of software development and programmers expertise in Java, organizations prefer to use Java for the development of various applications.
    • As a result, Java has gained great importance in this Techno world.

  14. Android Development:
  15. android

    • Now a day’s technical market is mostly captured by android.
    • Android applications are developed using Java language.
    • All android apps are written in Java as a result taking it to a great height.
    • Most of the mobile applications like games, software’s, etc. are developed using Java.
    • It is the power booster for designing and structuring android applications.

  16. Availability of Resources:
  17. resources

    • Many resources are available for Java language.
    • If you query for Java topics you will find a number of tutorials which will clear your doubts and complexities regarding the same.
    • If you are stuck up on any topic just google it and that’s it you have your solution along with its references.

  18. Java is forever:
  19. java_10

    • Java excels in scaling, deploying and programming environment.
    • It is assumed that once you learn Java you will never die in the technical market leading new technologies, creating different applications and making innovations.

To conclude, Java is a boon for developers . It is the platform for building applications for multiple mobile devices, computers, laptops, navigation and other systems that we use in our day to day life. Just write once and run on multiple platforms where you can almost do each and everything in Java. Its flexibility, usage, availability, security, development, cost-effectiveness are the reasons for Why We Love Java (And You Should, Too!).


  1. We should love programming in Java because:
    1) There are different quality libraries you can draw from.
    2) It is quick for the kind of programming for business applications
    3) It is broadly supported by third party software
    4) It has good support of different methods of communication programming from sockets to JMS
    5) The syntax is good
    6) Single inheritance is simpler to grow than multiple inheritance.

  2. Web applications can be developed using JavaScript and Java server pages(JSP).
    Bro… JavaScript has nothing to do with Java. They’re completely different.

  3. Java has many features which attracts user and forces them to love Java. It’s global presence and the global demand is one of them. It has open source IDE as mentioned above which also contributes in it’s popularity. One of the main reason why one should love Java is it’s simplicity.


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