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jQuery Plugins to Check Out

Welcome to the second article in our series on Jquery, the Javascript resource library with everything from script extensions, to pre-built plugins for every kind of program imaginable. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best jQuery plugins available right now for download. If you missed the first article, Jquery is open-source, meaning that it and everything developed in it is completely free, including the plugins described here.

Simpler sidebar
Simpler sidebar, as the name suggests, is a sidebar plugin. Its claim to fame is that it conserves a lot of data and efficiency by animating only the sidebar, rather than the sidebar and the whole page. This makes it ideal for mobile development, and it also makes running it very easy on computers, too.

Audio controls
Another self-explanatory name, Audio Controls is a Jquery plugin that lets you create your own music player built into a website. It’s fast and simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s without features. It offers support for things like playlists, audio repeat, shuffling playlists, repeating playlists and audio, seekable tracks, and buffering timers.

Bootstrap progress barBootstrap progress bar
The bootstrap progress bar is actually an extension to another plugin, called bootstrap. Bootstrap is a front-end development package, which helps developers work more quickly by offering them a powerful set of tools to use. This plugin allows developers using bootstrap to animate progress bars which, as we discussed in a previous article, is not something that you can do in standard JavaScript.

Cycle2 is a plugin for slideshows. It’s built around ease of use, and supports all browsers and many file types. It’s based around user-friendliness, meaning that all you need to do to use it is to include the plugin, declare the markup, and let the plugin take care of the rest.

LoadGo is an interesting plugin because its use is something you see pretty commonly. In essence, LoadGo allows you to use an image that you designate to be the basis of an animated loading bar. Most companies, particularly entertainment companies, use something similar for their websites.

Mmenu works around the idea of having menus and then sub-menus. What the plugin allows you to do is to empower your website by creating menus and sub-menus that slide naturally and natively within the application they belong to. Mmenu also has a plugin built specifically for WordPress.

Oh SnapOh Snap
Developed mainly for mobile applications, Oh Snap is a notification library that can store and display tons of different notifications about things ranging from server crashes to anything else imaginable.

Date Paginator
Date Paginator has a little in common with Bootstrap, which we mentioned earlier. It’s a paging plugin, which lets users scroll between pages. However, Date Paginator also includes time and date information, making it a powerful calendar application on mobile devices.

We’ve already mentioned this one before – Bootstrap is a plugin set that serves as a kit of development tools for people who are looking to extend websites in unique ways.

Learn Javascript And JQuery From Scratch

Scroll menu
Scroll menu is a plugin that replaces old, boring scrolling menus with new, visually interesting ones. It has a library of hundreds of different themes, styles, and colors, and even lets you try your hand at creating your own.

Tabbed content
An easy to grasp and simple to install plugin, Tabbed Content works around the idea of putting tabs into one’s browser history. With the plugin installed, you’ll be able to use tab navigation in your browser’s history function.

Social networks are more powerful now than they’ve ever been, and it seems like every website links to them in some way. This plugin allows you to make sharing information from a website that much easier by providing simple sharing buttons.

Another very simple plugin with a very simple idea, ZoomJS enhances image zooming so that doing so doesn’t lower an image’s quality or distort it.

Preview Tube
Thumbnail previews for videos are now quite common on Facebook and other websites. Preview Tube is a plugin that lets you put that same functionality on your own website.

Interdimensional is an interesting little idea that really springs from mobile development. The plugin lets you control websites simply by tilting the screen of a mobile device.

Unite Gallery
Galleries of images and other things are pretty common. Unite Gallery is a multipurpose gallery that can be used for video, images, music, and so much more.

Another ease-of-use plugin, Scrollify helps users snap directly to content they’ve selected in a scrolling list, and smooths the scrolling transition as well.

Sweet Alert
SweetAlert replaces javascript’s normal alert feature. It offers smooth CSS transitions and animations to make the experience much more aesthetically pleasing.

Coming from the Latin word for “life,” Vivus is a plugin that lets you animate SVGs in order to make them look as though they’re being drawn line by line.

These are just a few of the amazing plugins out there. And best of all, just like the ones we’ve discussed here, they’re all free!


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