5 Magical Ideas to Spice up Your Digital Marketing


Competing in the internet marketing arena is no easy task, and every time you are trying to market something, you are being flooded with your competition, not in a commercial sense, but in traffic, because everyone is trying to sell what they make, and they are doing it in the same way as you. We will give some ideas on how to spruce up things a little and be that much more different so your message gets through to the people it needs to.

Social media is your best bet, it is very cost effective, you can get to many people in a very short time, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. In can help you grow your brand, it is a great means of promotion and an effective means of direct customer support for your clients because it is real-time and easily accesible.

1. Be Present on the Web

Social media can be a way to build your brand’s voice. This means that you must be present often, but there is a catch. You must keep your posts similar to each other in subject. In addition, do not overpost since you will be dissmissed as a bore, or even a spammer. We would recommend between 4 and 12 times per week for Facebook posts, 4 Tweets per day and Linkedln and Google+ once a day.

Considering this, it is about your clients and customers. Use social media not only for promoting, but also find and share the information your customers would like to see, making your posts diverse and interesting, not only just your promoted content.

When we talk about interacting with your followers, social media is perfect for interaction with your current and possibly future customers. The aim here is to make them engaged and participate in your brand. Don’t be afraid of dealing with someone with a complaint; complaints are there to make you better at what you do, and an opportunity to show off your ability to do customer service.

2. Invest into the platforms

There are a lot of things you can do to utilize social platforms to promote yourself. You can try Pay-to-play in Facebook, paying in order to get better promotion of your posts, pushing them to a bigger audience and possibly customers. Twitter has offers for businesses, like a sponsored tweet, which means that you get a tweet that will be seen by more people and provide you with more traffic. Linkedln has features that you can pay for, one of them being a Sales Navigator, which eases the process of finding people and businesses seamlessly. The best thing is that you can try it for free, for an entire month.

3. Content is King

content is king
Content marketing is extremely important, but people fail to notice and utilize it. Investing in it can be the best thing you can do for your business.

Why does content matter? It can be a way of you humanizing your brand, and showing that a well formulated and clear message goes a long way in the sales department.

Think about content as a well thought out process, not just bombarding them with messages and fishing for response. To become more present, you should research and see what kind of propositions you should have – the more unique, the better. Content that differs is not expensive in money, just effort.  There are many online cites that are offering this, the options are many. On Fiverr, you can get an embedded video made by someone who is a top seller for just a bit of something that agency will charge you. Excellent for startups, because of the effectiveness of conveying your products and services that will reach your customers.

Become A Digital Marketing Maestro From Scratch

4. Optimize for Conversions

Where do you need to funnel your clients when you get them to you? This is the key of making an efficient content strategy. When you know where you would like to send your customer, you should find some tool for making those plans come true.

Find cervices to funnel and capture emails, for leveraging and creating drip campaigns.

Google analytics is a must; rely on it to gain insight into where are you at the moment and where you need to go.

If you are selling things, try to make an online shopping cart, so you wouldn’t use someone else’s service of selling your stuff for you.

Wherever you try and go, try and find a cheap solution.

5. Magnify

It is of paramount importance to promote yourself; that is the most important step you must make. After you create a feasible piece of content that is following your brand, you need to try and get it visible as much as possible, make it hugely visible, try and make it viral. If you succeed in that goal, you are well on your way to a successful marketing strategy coming true. Use your social media profiles, whatever you think of, be involved in sites where your audience might go to. Invest your time and effort to get external help, or with off-site involvement and you will begin to get attention and accumulate traffic.

Utilize all of this written, be present on the web, and, the most important step, involve your audience, be persistent, be involved, avoid being a spammer, try and invest as much as you can afford in sponsored posts to maximize your output, so you can generate a customer basis that will bring your digital marketing strategy to a new life.


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