7 Digital Marketing Mistakes that Put Your Business at Risk

+7 Digital Marketing Mistakes that Put Your Business at Risk

Digital marketing is a very potent tool for building a remarkable reputation, spreading brand awareness, and maintaining a solid base of regular customers. However, there aren’t any shortcuts to a successful digital marketing, Google made sure of that, but it is in our nature to find weaknesses of the system and attempt to exploit them in our favour.

There is  nothing wrong with that, after all, we become more cunning and the next system becomes more bulletproof, but sometimes our efforts are all for naught. Not only is our time wasted, but we neglect the essential aspects of digital marketing. It is far better to face the facts and generate your reputation naturally, so here are some mistakes you should avoid as you engage in a digital marketing campaign.

1. Focusing on quantity rather than quality
One of the biggest problems that can occur during your digital marketing campaign, is rushing to fill your website with as much as content as possible. Sure, it is quite obvious why one would have an issue with a website looking like a wasteland, but if you only focus on quantity, you won’t have anything that really lures in more viewers and potential customers.

In order for your content to be adequately rated, it should be at least 1200 word in length, and it should offer valuable insight. What a lot of companies do is outsource the writing to low-cost ghostwriters, who are rarely going to do a satisfying job other than giving you a word count you agreed upon.

You will end up with a blog that is basically a paint job, and cannot be linked in your guest blogging campaign, since it will be viewed as spam.

2. Targeting irrelevant blogs in your guest blogging campaign
Guest blogging was an amazing incentive for quality advertising, but just like with anything else, people tried to take advantage of it. This only resulted in numerous blogs being labelled as spam platforms, because they allowed the users to link just about anything.

Entrepreneurs saw high domain authority as an amazing opportunity, and requested articles to be written in such a way as to allow the content from their website to be linked, regardless of context or logic. All of this led to people linking car parts on cooking blogs, which does not do anyone any good.

They do not gain anything out of it, their content looks ridiculous and they can even be penalized for such behaviour. It is essential to target only blogs relevant to you niche, and blogs that are reliable, allow your domain to grow naturally, and do not expect it to happen overnight.        

3. Neglecting social media
You might argue that social media marketing is unimportant, since there is no effective way to measure its impact on an overall digital marketing campaign. Social media profiles can be used to showcase your products, and you can pay for your posts to be boosted, so that they target your primary audience.

By using quality photography, you can share the photos of your products on Pinterest. Furthermore, do not hesitate to start negotiating a business deal when someone contacts you via social network. People spend a lot of time browsing them, so it would be convenient for them if they can contact you there as well. All things considered, updating your profiles is much easier than it is to update your website, so you should focus some of your efforts on this area as well.

4. Poorly designed website
Put yourself in the role of a customer or a viewer. You have probably stumbled upon poorly constructed web-sites before. Did you have any desire to participate in a business transaction with the people behind such a website?

By using WordPress you can design a website with an admirable responsiveness, even with no previous programming experience. Sloppy web design simply means that a person did not want to invest a single day into its construction. When you are creating a website, feel free to utilize the variety of plugins available for website creation, and always remember to optimize it for users who browse the web via smartphone. It is unwise to ignore it, and will harm your ranking and authority.

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5. Ignoring customer engagement
We have already mentioned that you should interact with consumers on social networks if they want to purchase something or are asking about a service you provide. However, you also need to answer their questions and interact with them in the comment section. This will encourage their further activity and you will be able to form a better relationship.

It may seem like too much work, but if you want to expand you must think long term, and gaining customer’s loyalty is invaluable for any line of work. Look at all the big companies – they do not shy away from throwing in a witty comment every now and then, and it goes viral a lot of the time. You need that kind of publicity if you are to efficiently grow your brand awareness and brand recall.

6. Not investing in split testing
In order to create the most responsive design, and to find the most effective call to action that resonates with your customers, you’ll have to do A-B split testing. It is your duty to monitor the conversion rate on your site, to help your future decision concerning design, since if you are to stay popular you need to innovate from time to time.

Using A-B split testing will help you narrow down your choices for the most responsive design tactics, which ultimately results in more sales. Once again, it may seem like something which depletes your budget, but make no mistake, it is a worthy investment.

7. Giving up too soon
Digital marketing requires a lot of patience, and results may not be immediately visible. People are usually displeased, since the money they have invested in the campaign does not result in a satisfying ROI. The truth is, the World Wide Web is a vast place and being at the very top is not something that can happen in one or even two months’ time.

It may exhaust your budget, but there is no other efficient way to promote yourself online. If you choose to give up, you are only losing whatever resources you have previously invested.


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