Marketing8 Ways To Measure The Success Of Your Twitter Campaign

8 Ways To Measure The Success Of Your Twitter Campaign

Twitter Campaign

Twitter is steadily gaining prominence as a lucrative platform for marketers. Research quotes a whopping 83% of marketers conducting Twitter ad campaigns to position their products and services. While conducting a campaign is one thing, measuring the success of the marketing drive is another. If you are looking to monetize the benefits Twitter promises, you need to keep a watchful eye on the metrics of your campaign.

Below are the 8 proven means that can help you identify the ways in which Twitter is influencing your marketing plans.

  1. Impressions – A Yardstick to Record Your Popularity
    Tagged as a versatile marketing interface, Twitter offers impressions as a measure of your popularity. When many people view your tweet, impressions are generated. Hence it is important for every marketer to come up with a strategic placement of hashtags. This way, you will be able to exercise better control over your online content which can increase your impressions’ count.
  2. Number of Clicks Speak Volumes About Your Marketing Activity
    Marketers running a Twitter ad campaign should first come up with their basic objectives. They would be looking to generate more leads or setting the stage for more website traffic. In such a case, you as a marketer should have your eyes fixed on the number of clicks your website links are getting. Twitter through its built-in versatile features automatically tracks the clicks for you and quantifies them. It is through this mechanism that you can exactly pinpoint the content that is attracting higher clicks.
  3. Retweets – A Promising Feature
    Retweets are a measure of how many times your tweets were shared online . When your tweets are shared, you will be able to establish a connection with industry leaders who can become your target audience. Marketers should be smart enough to boost the retweets by retweeting their followers. All in an attempt to gain visibility, a Twitter ad campaign can help you identify your followers and favorites. Thus, retweets are a measure of the appeal that your content gets from your target audience.
  4. Clicks On Your Website Link
    With Twitter you can attract the attention of social media followers through videos, pictures and emoticons. However, your marketing campaign should be such that these groups click on your website to order products and services that interest them. Marketers should be watchful with the number of “link clicks” your tweets are attracting. This is another effective means to assess the success of your marketing campaign on Twitter.
  5. A Close Watch on Conversions
    Yet another proven means to assess the effectiveness of your Twitter ad campaign is to keep a close watch on the conversions. Twitter allows you to track consumer behavior much closely, allowing marketers to look closely into the content that prompted them to view your website. By being watchful, you will be able to pinpoint the ad campaigns that are driving your sales or generating business leads. You can allow Twitter to track your conversions on your website through the Twitter Ads platform which in turn helps you accurately determine your return on investment.
  6. Check if Your Follower-Base is Growing
    As per statistics, 72% of Twitter users who follow a particular brand will be inclined to order the same branded product. Thus, marketers should have their eyes fixed on the quality of their followers alongside the content of their ad campaign. This close observation will yield results in the form of a percentage of followers who can become your brand loyalists.

    It is also important for you to engage with your followers so that they appreciate the value of your services and products you are advertising via Twitter. You need to attach importance to the level of influence your ad campaign has on your followers. It is only when you are able to attract the attention of new followers along with extending efforts to retain them that you will be able to churn out an effective Twitter ad campaign.

  7. Profile Views – A Barometer for a Successful Twitter Ad Campaign
    Undoubtedly, the number of profile views you get are a direct correlation to your increasing or declining popularity. More the number of views, more the ripples your profile is creating in the social media circles. It is hence imperative for marketers to fit in all the information that users are looking for, so that Twitter followers will share it amongst their contacts. And the benefits can be felt and enjoyed by you through enhanced conversions. Here comes the need to incorporate certain user engagement tactics that will help you to segregate the followers who are inclined to your products against casual visitors.
  8. Data Collation – A Comparison Tool That Goes A Long Way
    Data collation is another tool to assess the success of your Twitter ad campaign. You as a marketer should engage in charting your progress in comparison with your earlier performance. Comparing figures will help you gain better insights about what worked and what did not go well. You should collate these crucial metrics during the ad campaign and after the campaign.

    Identify different heads that are of importance to you, like the growth of your account, website traffic or engagement metrics. When you quantify an ad’s performance to what it was in the past, you will be able to delve deep into all the factors that worked earlier or those which are currently working in your favor. It is then that you can churn out a successful Twitter ad campaign that will lay a strong foundation for the creation of a retarget user group. This re-target user base will eventually become your target audience for your next campaign.

Closing Thoughts
All for the sake of having a close watch on your Twitter ad campaign, marketers of today have umpteen ways to quantify the performance of their marketing activities. By adopting these practices, you can not only chalk out successful social media campaigns but also optimize your tweets that are making the rounds in the online fraternity.


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