Marketing8 Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Reputation on Twitter

8 Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Reputation on Twitter

You need to be careful with social media. It is a powerful tool on which you can build your business, but if you make a mistake that goes viral, there’s no going back. Everyone online seems to be acting like if they were detectives – even the slightest typos must be exposed to the public.

Unfortunately, we’re only human and mistakes happen. However, there are precautions you can take and damage control methods you should utilize. It’s like there’s a “Save Your Twitter from Doom” rule book, and you should definitely know about it.

Check before You Tweet
Whenever you’re quoting someone or sharing the latest news on your Twitter account, make sure that your piece of information is legit. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds of browsing, but it could save you from a lot of mocking and troubles later on.

There are so many incorrect facts being perpetuated online, and people are really tired of them. Just chekc your facts on or a similar website before posting. Besides, this kind of oversight – no matter whether it should have been a joke or a fun fact – can cause your followers and customers to start believing they misplaced their trust.

Being a reputable business requires some additional effort, so this is a mistake you mustn’t allow yourself to make, mostly because it comes from pure laziness.

Nurture Your Relationships
Following someone on Twitter isn’t enough – it’s just a start, actually. Like with real life, you need to develop personal relationships if you want someone to stay updated on what you do.

Now, most people tend to be mostly unsubtle about it and you’ll be reading a lot of those “retweet for a retweet” auto messages, but that’s not how this should go. That is an ineffective system that will work temporarily.

To avoid all of this, you should only follow people from your niche (if you’re a business), from your area of expertise (if you’re a blogger) or simply with similar interests (if your account is personal and for entertainment mostly). That way, you’ll actually want to retweet and favorite each other’s tweets.

Answer Promptly
Your account can’t possibly do you any good if it’s not active. If you don’t answer to the tweets or personal messages you receive, your followers will start leaving you one at a time until you’re left all alone and forgotten.

What’s the whole point of having a social media profile if you’re not there for your followers and customers? That actually was the general idea – being able to communicate directly with your audience and gather first-hand data in order to improve your list of services or the content you create.

So, find a way to be there for your followers. If you think that managing your profile is getting a bit out of hand, you should hire someone to do it for you.

Be Consistent
Being active on Twitter is far more than answering promptly. First of all, you need to have quality content that is legit (as we already mentioned) and you need to have enough of it. No matter what type of profile you’re trying to maintain, original content that’s high quality is a must.

You content obviously depends on what you do – you should stick to your subject. Also, it’s imperative that you be consistent. Set a pace that you find suitable and provide your audience with informative and/or entertaining content.

But Don’t Spam
The Twitter team did a great deed for the whole world by limiting tweets to 140 characters. Although there is a limit on how long your tweets can be, this doesn’t really prevent you from posting one after another.

If you already set your mind on creating a functional Twitter profile, you mustn’t allow yourself to be considered a spammer even for a second. This can do great damage to your reputation and people will stop following you – it’s that simple.

The solution here is quite obvious; you shouldn’t insist on sharing the same tweet over and over again. You need to be smart about the number of tweets you post and you need to keep things interesting.

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Don’t Try to Please Everyone
You need to understand that some people hang out on all social media, not just on Twitter, because they have nothing better to do. So, the very next time you’re feeling provoked by someone’s tweet, you should leave it be.

However, if you’re a serious business and someone is criticizing your services or attentiveness, you need to be the bigger person here and apologize for the inconvenience you might have caused by promising that it’s not going to happen again. It’s simply how things work.

Don’t Auto-Tweet
This is an ineffective and dishonest way to let people know you care, and people know auto messages when they see them. But, everyone uses them and it’s not that bad until you go overboard. So, you should stick to greeting auto-messages and that should be it.

Once again – if you go big and you gather a huge number of followers, you should definitely hire someone to manage your social networks. It’s a full time job that requires your full devotion.

Keep Your Head Cool
People on Twitter, and other social networks as well, are mean. Being a quite open and very direct platform, Twitter is practically made to enable anyone in the world to express their opinion no matter what it is.

The next time you find yourself in the middle of an argument, just stop. You need to be able to think clearly before you continue to communicate. There’s another important fact you need to be aware of – tweets that are sent can’t be edited afterwards, so mind what you tweet.

That’s pretty much it. You should also know that these are practically twitter manners, and if you have them that doesn’t mean someone else will too. Make sure that you always take the high road and your reputation will stay intact.


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