MarketingBest Twitter Tools to Increase Followers in 2018

Best Twitter Tools to Increase Followers in 2018

The influence of social media platforms to improve the online exposure of a business venture is now getting more popular than ever before. Even when there are multiple platforms on the mainstream, Twitter has become one of the most used marketing platforms that can make a strong impact on the overall outlook of your business. However, the competition is getting tighter and merchants are seeking some useful tools that gear up their Twitter marketing campaign.

Here we can have a look at some of the best Twitter tools that help you increase the followers of your business that not only improve the engagement rate but also increase the productivity of your venture.

1. Buffer: The time you send out a tweet is important to make it visible to a larger audience and stimulate an engaging discussion. The Buffer app can help you in a smarter way by letting you schedule the particular tweets regularly all through the day. This is an amazing strategy to give the tweet when your targeted followers are online. Scheduling certain tweets at peak times can really make a positive impact on your business progress.

2. ManageFlitter: This tool helps you to manage your Twitter account in a much better way by providing you valuable insights. The ManageFlitter features a simple interface that lets you figure out the no profile image, inactive and fake accounts in your list. The community can be made more productive by managing the sorted list of following order, order of tweets, activity as well as influence.

3. Hootsuite: This is one of the must have tools for an online marketer. The Hootsuite app is an effective solution to manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts from a single place. This app lets you manage multiple twitter accounts with ease and a special feature allows you to automatically re-tweet across multiple profiles.

4. Audiense: This amazing Twitter management tool comes with lots of interesting features such as helping you browse the un-followers, recent followers, and those accounts that are not following back. The Audiense app also help you to filter the searches based on many aspects such as date you followed, date last tweeted, influence rate, date they followed, language, geographical location and profile type.

5. Crowdfire: This advanced Twitter tool lets you utilize your Twitter campaign time more productively by reaching the right people. The Crowdfire lets you keep track of followers and helps you figure out if there are any inactive accounts in your list. You may un-follow them and reach out to those who are interested in your tweets which is the prime step in being established on the social network.

6. Klout: This amazing social media tool is the best way to assess the impact of social media profiles. The Klout app ranks the profile users based on this aspect and you can utilize it to learn where you stand in the competition. This tool also lets to figure out high-ranking people in your slot which in turn help you to make some strategic plans.

7. TweetDeck: It is one of the best tools for effective management of Twitter accounts. The TweetDeck app is already acquired by Twitter Inc. and works from its interface. The online marketers utilize this app to track the real-time conversations of the prospect customers. This lets you be up to date on the topics or people that matters.

8. Twitonomy: This is a great tool exclusively for Twitter marketing that allows you to have a comprehensive visual analytics on mentions, replies, tweets, retweets, hashtags and more. You may also back up these items with just one click to Excel & PDF. The Twitonomy app also lets you search, filter, browse, and acquire insights on the accounts you follow and the accounts that follow you.

9. Tweepi: Do you want to know those accounts which you follow but they don’t follow you back? The Tweepi app lets you quickly check the list of these not so favourable accounts. You can see the accounts you follow that also follow you back under the mutual friendship tab. The other accounts that you follow but don’t follow you back will be just shown in the follow tab.

10. This is one of the globally leading link management platforms that helps you make the best out of Twitter campaigns. The app works basically as a URL shortening tool but in fact it offers a lot more than that. It comes with options to keep track of the link’s clicks. The app lets you share the links directly on any social media accounts including Twitter from its dashboard.

11. Twiends: This amazing app lets you grow your Twitter followers absolutely free of cost. The Twiends app is rich with a directory of users that is categorized by country and interests and there is no better way of growing your audience. And it also helps you moderate the community to filter inappropriate and fake users. This feature enables to make lasting quality connections.

12. Tweriod: The time you post a tweet is more important that the content in the Tweet. The Tweriod app helps you to identify the most feasible time you need to send particular tweets that makes the best impact. The app comes with special features to perform proper analysis of both your followers’ tweets and your tweets. And the app lets you identify the best time you can start tweeting for a particular audience.

13. Twtpoll: This is an awesome tool to perform surveys of any social media audience including Twitter. The Twtpoll app helps you get the feedback through several means such as questions, quizzes, photos and videos. This is one of the best ways to empower your Twitter marketing by knowing the audience mindset.

14. GroupTweet: This app lets your team to tweet from a same account without the need of sharing passwords. The GroupTweet app also lets you to approve the Tweet from your email before it is made public. The other options that come with the tool include smart scheduling, contributor analytics, custom tweet format or retweet and more.

15. Paper.Li: This tool provides you with the most engaging information to tweet depending on audience taste which can boost your followers. The Paper.Li app uses social signals and natural language processing to explore and dig out the most engaging and relevant stories for you. By automatically delivering the content, this app lets you reach your prospects and audience despite wherever they are.

16. TweetReach: This is a cool tool that helps you to quickly obtain an instant analytics report. The TweetReach lets you do that by instant searching for a username, hashtag, or keyword. You can figure out the top URLs and hashtags with reference to audience response. With detailed competitive analysis, you are reported about what works and what doesn’t work in your Twitter marketing campaign.

These are just a few among the many advanced Twitter tools that can really transform your business to a whole new level. With increase in demand, more and more tools are being designed by enthusiasts to help you get the best out of the Twitter campaign. We can expect a lot more top tools in the New Year that will take the impact of Twitter presence to an amazing level.


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