Create a Great Marketing Culture- Best Tips That You Can Use Right Away!

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Marketing is not merely the art of presenting your product or service to the people, it is a lot more than that! Especially if marketing plays a very important role in your company, which it does in most companies. So, ensuring a great marketing culture helps significantly to achieve better results.

The journey from a prospect to a customer is a very long one, and it is important that every bit of this journey is a smooth experience for the said person. To do this, writing the best ad copy and designing the best creative for it, just does not cut it.

It is important that everybody in the team or office has a marketing culture built-in them for your brand to be successful as a whole. Just to give you an example, do you know how hard it is to follow a diet where you have to count calories, eat very specific meals at very specific times of the day? More often than not, people end up giving up on their diets very soon and go binge eat on carbs!

But on the other hand, if one just changes their mindset similar to a person who just eats healthy all the time, but also has desserts and things they like in good balance and is mindful of what they are eating, it is just so much easier. The success rate of a healthy eating mindset as opposed to following a diet is much higher. Apply this example to your company, you don’t need the best marketing plan just people who are aligned with good marketing habits at the workplace. 

So to have a successful brand and a great marketing culture it is important that the roots of your business and the people in it have a clear motivated mindset. Let’s look at some ways in which you can build a positive marketing culture for your business!

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#1. Develop a strong sense of WHY

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Companies with great marketing cultures have one thing in common: all their employees have a strong sense of purpose and a reason why they have the job that they do. Employees in an organization will always work a little more than required when they have a single-minded higher purpose to work towards.

And this higher purpose does not have to be a social cause, it can be providing simple solutions, promoting good designs, relieving your customers from a common problem through your product, etc. However this WHY should be a bigger reason for your employees to work for you than their actual job itself. 

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#2. Adopt simplicity 

A brilliant attitude to have towards marketing of your brand is to be very simple in your approach to people. If you overall adopt this habit into your marketing culture it can highly benefit the company. The customers should be able to understand the brand’s purpose, understand the unique point of view in just a couple of words.

Simplicity, as simple as it sounds is actually pretty hard to achieve. When you want to adopt simplicity into your marketing culture, just creating minimalistic creatives will not cut it, you have to be committed to simplifying every aspect of your business. 

#3. What’s your story?

Building a sophisticated marketing culture often comes from very simple roots like a good brand story. Why did the founder of the company start it? What problem did he identify that made him start a company around it?

A leader or a group of leaders with a strong vision is also essential for a company to imbibe a great marketing culture, it is important that the leader talks to the employees about this story and the vision he has for the company. Not only will this motivate the employees to work harder but it will also help them to share your vision and that will reflect on their marketing strategies. 

It is also a good idea to directly communicate this story, the reason why, or the journey to your audience, make it emotional if you can. It always works. Like a great story, it should take the reader/viewer on a journey that gives them a vision of being their best self. If that makes sense. The previous line may sound a little cheesy and impractical. But it is like your favorite YouTuber or a favorite public speaker, or a guru. You do not follow him or her just because they are so awesome, or how well they are doing in their life, but also because they show you a version of you through them that you wish you could achieve.

So express that through your brand story and get your people more connected to your brand. 

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#4. Create value

The companies which have a marketing-driven culture often have a value mindset which completely shifts how the employees of the workplace think about the brand, the product, or the service. Instead of looking for answers to how can we sell more, asking how can we add more value to the business, make it more meaningful for the customer, and how can you build a relationship with them.

And to achieve the answers to those questions, it is important that your company has a good marketing culture. Let’s look at Coca-Cola, there are so many other beverage brands out there, but why do you think Coca-Cola just stands out? Cause it sells it’s customers way more than just a drink. Do that for your customers. 

#5. Find the loop-holes in your employee structure

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This entire article is not just for your marketing team. When we talk about creating a great marketing culture, we talk about each and every single employee of the organization taking their share of efforts too. When any employee of your organization comes in touch online or face to face, they are taking up a marketing role.

Marketing driven cultures take super good care of this, they don’t let any non-appetizing conversation go out from their end. The leader should hold a meeting with the members of the entire organization regarding certain guidelines that everyone should follow when commenting or talking about the brand to outsiders. But who knows will they really follow it? Well, refer to point one. 

#6. Review and reflect on all results

The reason why marketing holds so much importance is mainly for the results it provides to a business. And the results should be counted in terms of the impact that a customer receives. A good idea is to keep a systematic review process ingrained in the company.

Maybe an interesting message sent to the buyer once they buy your product or service, or if you are selling a physical product, you can ask your customer to review your product and in turn, you can give them a free sample box or something like that. No matter the way, it is important to set up a feedback process to know if what you are doing is even working.

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#7. Be completely transparent with your team 

The companies that treat their marketing strategies like Alladin’s hidden treasure are doing a big mistake. In any good marketing-driven culture transparency holds a lot of importance. And clear communication about the strategies will only help your teammates work better

So when you create a monthly/quarterly strategy meeting, call all your employees, take in their ideas too, ask them if they are on board with it too, this will make the team more tightly knit together and feel highly motivated too. 

Another risky idea that you can adopt is to keep all the employees on a rotating shift, let the backend people handle a few customer calls, let them understand the marketing goal, and how to come across a customer. This will help them to understand the bigger picture and the role that they are playing in it to make it a masterpiece. 

With this, I shall conclude this topic and if I had to summarize the entire article in a line, I would just say the secret to a great marketing-driven culture is to make all the employees see the brand from the customer’s eyes. You have won more than half of the battle there. Best of luck! 

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