Why & How Imgur Marketing Helps Brands Create Shareable Content

Imgur Marketing


Are you exhausted with SEO, social media marketing and email marketing? Don’t you wish there was an easier way to reach millions without breaking the bank. Well, there is. The answer is Imgur Marketing

What is Imgur?

Imgur (pronounced as ‘image- er’) is an image and GIF social networking site that was started in 2009 by Ohio University graduate Alan Schaad. It is a platform where the visual content is created, curated and made viral by the users. Users promote the content they like by giving upvotes. Similarly, they can downvote content that is not valuable or interesting. Democratization of content has made Imgur a platform that is trusted and owned by its community members.

You can easily create memes and GIFs on Imgur. Just upload the photo or insert the link to the image/video, add caption and you are ready to post. The images are sharable on other social media like Facebook and Twitter. You can also share images of others.

Imgur Uploading Option

This is where Imgur can work great for your content sharing. If your post gets enough upvotes on Imgur, there are good chances of users posting it on other platforms as well. After all, everyone wants to post a funny meme on their feed.

Why is Imgur Marketing great?

Imgur is very different from other social media platforms that have already matured. Here’s why you should concentrate your efforts on Imgur.

  • Exciting Potential
    Imgur has a monthly reach of more than 250 million people. It is not as big and commercial as Facebook and Instagram which is why it still has a close knit active community of users. It is still in its growth phase and this presents an exciting opportunity for marketers who can jump early onto the platform. With over a billion post views per month Imgur is a perfect mix of scale and potential.
  • User Demographic
    Imgur has a very targeted demographic of millennial (people in their teens and 20s) who are tech savvy, hard to find and conscious of net neutrality. Imgur is particularly great for you if your target market is young males in their 20s. The platform has the highest concentration of male millennial on the internet.75% of the users are under the age of 35 and 60% are 24 or younger. This demographic is typically difficult to find as they are good at avoiding ads through ad blockers. Imgur is the only place on internet that provides access to them at this scale.
  • User Engagement
    Imgur has an active community of users with very high engagement rates. To get a taste of what we are saying, just create and account and post a meme. You will be surprised with the views and high number of comments from complete strangers. It is not unusual to get 500 views on your posts even if you are just starting out.According to Steve Patrizi, VP of Marketing & Sales at Imgur, “82% of Imgur users spend 3+ hours on Imgur per week”. Users spend an average of 25 seconds and the engagements levels are 2-4% in an era where our attention spans have shrunk to 8 seconds.
  • Smart Ads are Loved
    Yes, that’s right. Imgur users appreciate ads that are witty and fit well within the Imgur ‘culture’. As Steve Patrizi put it “If you look at the comments, there are people who are literally begging for more. They are pleading at Old Spice not to stop their ad campaigns — these are the people who go out of their way to block ads and here they are saying: ‘Please, give us more ads!’”

Brands like Old Spice, Sony Playstation, eBay have all run successful ad campaigns on Imgur.

Ad Campaigns on Imgur

Marketing on Imgur

Advertising options on Imgur include promoted posts and native advertising. Their in-house team of creative strategists helps you to make posts that will resound with the geek culture enthusiasts.

Imgur marketing doesn’t have to be always paid. Organic posts that are funny and grab attention are a good way to build your brand and get shares from community members.
It doesn’t take that much effort to rise to the top and get shared many times over if you can make Imgurians laugh with your entertaining GIFs and memes. Make sure to use tags, share with community and interact in comments to be discovered quickly.

Imgur is the fastest growing image hosting site that cannot be ignored. Creating the right content on this platform will give you access to niche demographic and a boost to your content shareability.


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