MarketingTop 5 Tips To Make Your Website User-Friendly

Top 5 Tips To Make Your Website User-Friendly

It is always good to have a great website design, but let us not forget the fact that usability, or in other words User Experience, is one of those few key elements and an art that makes your website simple, and effective to use. Today, where web is filled with number of websites, just having a website is not enough. You got to understand your customer’s online behaviour as it helps you gain a decent insight about what works and what doesn’t. In one of the books on Usability that was entitled Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug, the author spells out the rule that when you design any website, always try to make it effortless for your visitors or target audience. The easier for visitors to understand, the more time they are going to stay; in case you make it difficult, sooner they are going to leave. To make your website user-friendly you need consistency among different browsers

One of the research that was conducted by states that asking respondents the most important factor in a website, almost 75% rated the ease of getting the right information as the most valuable attribute. Any website designed in a manner that makes it too intricate to navigate, or difficult to comprehend the content, or even the design functionality too awkward to use, will not meet objectives. In fact, the chances are high that such website will also lose the business.

factors to design a website

So the question is, “How do you design a user-friendly website? Let us have a look at the top five elements that can help you make website user-friendly.

Effective usage of a Negative Space

Almost every website design is featured with white space. However, experts consider this white space as negative space, and are an underrated tool. Negative space doesn’t always require being white space, as you can also include a different background colour or texture. You must understand that this white space effectively works between words, or pictures, as it helps in holding the proper attention of the user. This white space plays an effective role in making of skimmable content and gives the user’s eye a smooth resting point. It also plays a key role in drawing attention to a focal point.

Instant Website Loading Time

Website Loading Time

You got a good website featuring all good information, but you also got to ensure a fast loading time. In one of the recent studies submitted by Adobe, nearly 38% of website visitors won’t prefer landing or visiting your website if the images take too much time to load. In recent years, the average attention span of users is decreasing, and so it has become lot more difficult to retain visitors. Undoubtedly, having a website featured with fast loading time in comparison to your competitors makes your prospect customers to use your company’s website. It is good to have a striking image and text, but it won’t be of any use in case the visitors fail to see them properly.

Prominent Call to Action

If you have a website then definitely, you might also have a goal to achieve. In case, you are still wondering – what is the key objective of having a good website, then you must have a main goal of your website. In most of the cases, many of us having a website has a main goal to make a sale, to raise queries from our potential customers or share contact or other information. Now any website that we consider successful makes sure to convert users to derive to the desired action. To ensure that these actions are performed, it gets vital that your website must be featured with adequate calls to action. Therefore, ensure to have proper call to action and these call elements must be:

  • Prominently placed
  • Apparently clickable
  • Highlighted in the bold & complementary colours
  • Entire text need to be clear

Make content easy to skim

When it comes to read text present in the website then people rarely read anything every single word. Nowadays, almost every website visitor requires making some quick decisions on whether it is worth their time to read the entire content in your website. In fact, these days, internet users skim content.
They prefer read and understand the content present in your website if it’s concise. Therefore, ensure the content you have in your website must be easy to skim, and the right method to achieve this goal is by employing bulleted lists. That way, your website visitors can easily skim your website for the information they’re looking for. Best tactic you can opt is to avoid large paragraphs of text whenever possible. Moreover, the other way to present the content in effective manner is by using large, interesting, and informative headings. Also, try to have short, concise paragraph featured with bullet points wherever possible.

Browser Consistency

Another key attribute that can make your website user-friendly is the consistency among different browsers. Most the website owners generally overlook browser compatibility. Many studies have already shown that there are many websites of most reputable companies that ignored this element and unfortunately got suffer from this problem. It is important to not neglect the browser compatibility factor as it is not good for branding and creates a very negative affect on website usability. Though, different modern browsers have evolved and each one them claims to more efficient, few inconsistencies prevail in how a website is generally read by different browsers.

Browser Consistency

So, it is very important for you to ensure your website looks and works constantly across every vital browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safar. Taking care of these few simple things helps in setting a professionally designed website.

Valid Mark-Up & Clean Code

Apart from these, entire website that follows to the relevant web design practices is often considered robust and reliable. It also guarantees that such website has got the faster loading time and at the same time give the consistent impression across different browsers.
You need to understand that successful websites are very much customer-oriented, and so providing adequate assistance to your customers and solving their problem can be very beneficial. If you try to add any functionality at the expense of ease of use, then possibility is high that you will lose more than you will gain. Always try to design website experience properly to resolve the customers’ problem in the most user-centric manner.


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