MarketingTop 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 

We are witnessing the rapid development of both technology and digital marketing. The development of one follows the development of the other.  

Digital marketing would certainly stagnate if the development of technology itself stalled. 

The latest technological boom concerns the emergence and development of artificial intelligence. Its significance is slowly becoming more visible. We can’t even guess at what level it will be in a few decades.  

The latest marketing trends are closely related to artificial intelligence. 

The next important thing related to trends in digital marketing is the brand-customer relationship. Algorithms are increasingly recognizing content that is either irrelevant, offensive, or fake. Not everything can go on the internet today. 

It is for this reason that trends are changing and evolving. Digital marketing adapts to the customer by adapting to the Internet. 

Let’s see what trends await us in 2022. 

A cookie is dying. 

In 2019, Google announced that it would remove cookies in early 2022. The company has not yet officially confirmed when exactly this will happen, but it is clear to everyone that the cookies have come to an end. 

What does that mean in practice? Most important of all, companies will no longer be able to track their potential customers online. That story is brought to an end. 

As we have already said, the internet becomes subordinate to the customer. Consumer protection laws come into force. All focus is on providing privacy. However, alternatives to cookies exist.  

We’ll talk about them later. 

Make it simple. 

The huge amount of diverse content found on the internet has led customers to more quickly and easily identify what they need. 

No need to bother writing fairy tales about your product. A few simple, precise and clear sentences are enough. 

Simplicity is key. Stick to this and you will keep the old customers and you will get new ones very easily. 

 Artificial Intelligence and its presence. 

The sooner you start using artificial intelligence as a tool, the better for your business. Catch this train at the right time. And the right time is right now. 

Artificial intelligence is present in various spheres of life, from satellites to electric cars. It has also found a field of activity in digital marketing. 

One of the most well-known ways to use artificial intelligence is the chatbot. Are you closing the doors of your New York software development company at 5 p.m.? No problem. Customers can still contact you. The chatbot will provide them with all the answers they want. And the relationship between the chatbot and the customer can only grow in the future. 

Also, one of the things that are currently in development but will be present soon is the personalized user experience. What does it mean? This means that for each user, or each group of users, your page will look different. Imagine that. The AI recognizes the behavior of your customer and gives it a personalized web page.  

These are just some of the benefits of artificial intelligence. As we said, apply it as soon as possible. The time of artificial intelligence has come. 

The Mobile Phone plays a Major Role. 

This is one of the crucial trends for 2022. 

The mobile phone has become like a continuation of the human body. On average, we use it between 4 and 6 hours a day, either through correspondence or through staying on social networks. 

Some people do not own a computer or laptop at all. They do everything over the phone. And they are the majority. 

This is how digital marketing adapts to phone users. They put the user experience on the mobile device at the top of their web design priorities. 

CRM tools, surveys, and interactive content. 

As we have already pointed out, cookies will soon disappear from the internet. Some of the alternatives are CRM, surveys, and interactive content. All these alternatives serve to bring you closer to the thoughts and wishes of your customers. When you know their wills, it will be easier for you to develop your digital marketing strategy and approach them. 

Also, email marketing is becoming more and more popular because a more personal relationship with the customer is achieved through email. 

Crypto is King. 

Yes, you heard it right. By 2021, cryptocurrencies have taken their place in the market and they will not be removed from there for a long time. Both young and old began to trade cryptocurrencies. That’s enough of a sign. 

Another thing closely related to crypto is NFTs. NFT can, as same as crypto, be sold or traded. 

What you should do is enable crypto payments on your website. With this move, you gain the trust of a large group of users. These users will recognize you as an open-minded person who is forward-looking. 

Make SEO Local ditto. 

The main advantage of SEO localization is precisely in better targeting. If, for example, you are the owner of the best New York website design company, of course, you will pay attention to New Yorkers first and only then to the rest of the world. 

Many companies still make that mistake. They optimize their SEO globally but nowhere do they include the exact location where they are located. As a result, they lose a large number of potential users. 

Search by Voice 

This is also related to artificial intelligence. People are sometimes simply lazy to write and search about some product they want. It’s easier for them to dictate it all into a microphone. Artificial intelligence will do the rest of the work. 

That’s why you need the right keywords. 

Search by Visual Content. 

Google Lens, for example, has had this application for several years. Let’s say a customer has seen a bag on the internet that they like but doesn’t have enough money to buy it. He then simply does a screenshot of that bag and gives it a search. The search then finds either the same bag or similar to the one the customer was looking for. 

That’s why you need photos of your products from various angles. 

Take advantage of Influencer Marketing. 

Influencers have become so common today that internet marketing would not be the same without them. People often live in the delusion that influencers are some people who have hundreds of thousands of companions. That is not true at all. An influencer can sometimes be a local guy if you are advertising a local product 

Or that person can be a professional in the IT sector, recognized in that industry, who can place an advertisement for your product even though he is not followed by more than 2 thousand people. 

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