Mobile ProgrammingLatest Mobile Programming Trends to Follow in 2018

Latest Mobile Programming Trends to Follow in 2018

Just over a week of stepping into a delightful and promising 2018, you will be surprised at the statistics concerning the popularity of mobile applications that made waves in 2017. The technological sphere was buzzing with over 250 billion free mobile apps that have been downloaded by users in 2017. Keeping this in mind, you can gauge the usability of these apps which have emerged on account of cutting-edge mobile programming techniques. So, here are a few predictions that will make their presence felt in 2018 as the emerging trends in mobile programming.

    1. Multi-Disciplinary Benefits Will Pave the Way for a “New App Economy”
      With the growing acceptance of mobile interfaces as convenient online shopping tools, the year 2018 is poised to lead a better customer engagement coupled with high standards of user experience. All these opportunities which created a profound impact on how businesses functioned until 2017 are expected to spillover, leading to the emergence of newer mobile programming techniques and technologies. To sum it all, the above-mentioned positives will help you experience an aptly named “New App Economy” abuzz with latest advancements in mobile programming.
    2. Size No Bar
      Along with small and medium sized companies teamed with well-established businesses, mobile programming can become the keyword for business innovation. Companies looking to leverage their operations in the best possible manner need the support of mobile programming to engage in branding and direct marketing activities. These promotional activities will be fueled by mobile programming when m-Commerce is the keyword that will make its impact felt in 2018.
    3. Artificial Intelligence – The Buzzword in Mobile Programming
      Stretching the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the limits, year 2018 is all set to extend its presence through Intelligent Mobile Apps, Cyber Security, Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) and Internet-of-Things. Mobile programming in 2018 will revolve around the principles of AI, dictating every technological component to follow the path laid out by Machine Learning and AI.
    4. AR and VR Will Become New Age Realities
      It will not be an overstatement to quote that Virtual Reality (VR) is already redefining the world of technology. This trend is expected to continue in 2018 as well teamed with Augmented Reality (AR) which can be perceived as an appendage to VR. With these two fast developing technologies, mobile developers will be in a favorable position to capitalize their strengths by transforming them into mainstream technologies. Allowing mobile app programmers to explore the opportunities in these two avenues, these will lead to pleasurable experiences offered in the form of AR graphics and videos. To sum it all, these technologies will eventually gain recognition as New Age Realities.
    5. User Interface To Attract Utmost Attention
      2018 will see a massive overhaul of user interface techniques, showcasing creatively designed versions of the existing mobile apps. Given such a trend, you can expect the profound prominence of material design when compared to flat design. The year 2018 will see companies and businesses accomplish their goals through app strategies which focus on transforming the user interface. They will leave no stone unturned in this endeavor by bringing in deeper, animated and transitional effects to the design layout of mobile apps.
    6. The Concept of BYOD Will Gain Momentum
      Organizations will be banking on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model in their pursuit of speeding up the overall process of mobile programming. The year 2018 will ring the bell for an increased demand for hybrid apps which can be run on multiple platforms. This development will not only result in substantial cost cuts but also speeds up the process of mobile programming.
    7. The Enveloping Influence of Cloud Technologies
      If you are looking at propelling your mobile apps, you are now in a favorable time frame when you can make the most of Cloud-based technologies. All in an attempt to enable your mobile apps function seamlessly across varied platforms, Cloud technologies can become your top bet. When you rely on the Cloud, you will be able to streamline operations alongside cutting down equipment and hosting costs. The year 2018 will pave the way for Cloud technologies to be integrated into the mobile app developmental strategy, favoring an extended storage capacity of apps along with bringing in a higher level of productivity and coordination.
    8. Mobile and App-Based Payments Will be a Breeze
      Harnessing the potential of E-Commerce and online banking operations, the year 2018 will blow the clarion for a substantial rise in online payments. Shoppers who patronize online interfaces will tread the path of app-based payments alongside making mobile payments. It is in this context that the time is ripe for app-based payments to garner a wider reach. IMPS, UPI, Apple Pay and Google Wallet will make it possible for users to tread the path of m-commerce; the new age gateways of simplified online payments.
    9. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Will Reign the Mobility Space
      True to its name, AMP is the latest offering from Google in collaboration with Twitter. This is an updated version of HTML aimed at accelerating the loading speed of mobile pages. Mobile programmers can employ this technology to churn out creative websites along with web applications with hastened loading speed and lower bounce rates. Allowing you to enjoy a greater performance across multiple mobile devices, the open-source AMP delivers the promise of high performing web ads and contents which run on the site. Since its inception in 2016, Google which official integrated AMP listings to feature as a search result on mobiles and this trend is expected to continue in 2018 as well.
    10. The Stage is Set For the 5G Network
      With so much advancement in the technological front concerning mobile programming, mobile programmers have to meet the expectations of a new digital 5G speed. The tremendous growth in mobile subscriptions coupled with the use of Cloud technology for computing will call for a higher level of connectivity that is superior to 4G speed. Thus, the stage is set for the new age digital 5G speed to thrill mobile users across the globe.
    11. The Integration of Mobile Apps with Wearables
      It is not an overstatement to quote that a majority of IoT devices are being controlled by smart phones. This will lead to the situation where mobile programming can be directed towards the integration of wearables like VR headsets and smart watches with mobile apps. The time is ripe for the concept of smart homes and smart offices to gain ground, blending IoT with mobile apps and this trend will make its presence felt in the coming months of 2018.
    12. A Star Attraction Coming in the form of Android Instant Apps
      If you are dreaming of accessing mobile apps from anywhere without installing them, you are lucky to be a part of the technological community that will favor the emergence of Android Instant Apps. these apps can run just the way you load a webpage. All these apps which do not need any installation can run on all the versions of Android. An Android Instant App is the gift that 2018 has in store for mobile users who can share them effortlessly between their contacts.
    13. Tight Cyber Security to Safeguard Mobile Apps
      Mobile programming in 2018 will need a stringent adherence to cyber security. And the new kid on the block is Apple which has come up with its own coding language that will remind mobile app designers and programmers to bring in cyber security during the initial stages of developing an app. This way, mobile programmers can explore deception technologies that will crack the whip on security breaches that can jeopardize your organizational communication network.
    14. Business Bots Will Rule the Roost
      It always pays to keep pace with technological advancements. One such advancement that is creating ripples in business spheres is the adaptation of bots. The road ahead will be dictated by business bots which will simplify the lives of mobile users even further. Mobile app programmers can employ chatbots as means to provide better UX/UI experiences via their creative mobile apps. Thus, the future of business innovation will revolve around bots which will help you stand in good stead with technological developments. The year 2018 will see these bots coming up as a fierce revolution for many other businesses to follow.
    15. Blockchain Based Mobile Apps – The Next-Gen Transaction Modes
      Blockchain technology helps users to take the benefit of a completely anonymous system of initiating an online transaction or verifying it. A blockchain is an unaltered and shared ledger that can help businesses record their company-specific information in the form of blocks. A transaction between two parties can take place through the exchange of crypto currency like a Bitcoin without calling for a centralized authenticating authority to validate the deal.
      Paving the way for a revolutionary mode of payment, a blockchain app allows you to market and purchase a large number of goods using Bitcoin. Your mobile phone is all that is needed to initiate a transaction via blockchain. This way, mobile developers in 2018 are now in a favorable position to develop a single app which when linked to a blockchain will lead to a completely new method of customer engagement. Facilitating a Peer2Peer (P2P) transaction, Bitcoin and blockchain are the amazing new age concepts that will help mobile app developers to churn out innovative payment interfaces that are safe and simple to use.
    16. Predictive Analysis – A Scientific Tool To Be Prepared
      It is the dream of every entrepreneur not only to avoid risks but also to make money on certain opportunities. Since what lies ahead of you is uncertain, you have a scientific tool that can help you increase your conversion rates by focusing on consumer behavior. Mobile apps which employ Predictive Analysis delve deep into the advanced statistics and historical data of your customers. Analyzing their strong preferences along with their mood and timing of the transaction, mobile app developers can help you meet your goals by identifying both risks and opportunities. The year 2018 will hence see a rush of Predictive Analysis mobile apps that not only improve the quality of the app but also make it relevant for use.
    17. A Sigh of Relief Coming from “Lazy Loading”
      Bounce rates have a detrimental effect on your website which is filled with images. Images, as you know take a longer time to load in contrast to content. This damages the user experience browsing their site with a slow internet connection. In an attempt to display “the right content at the right time”, mobile programming can now initiate the feature of “lazy loading images”; a trend to watch out for 2018.
      Businesses can now nip the bud of dropped conversion rates by checking on mobile apps that support a novel, built-in loading method called “Lazy Loading”. Mobile programmers who incorporate this feature into their apps can enhance the user experience of your customers with pictures and images loading only after the entire page content is loaded.


Closing Thoughts: –
All the above discussed latest trends can become a gold mine of ideas to capitalize on. With these pointers in mind, you will be able to reach the top of the game by developing innovative mobile apps that will make their strong presence felt in 2018. All in an attempt to stay agile, these trends will shape up the app economy in offering better user solutions in the form of novel business models and product innovations. When mobile app developer take into cognizance your entire business framework, they will be able to churn out smart solutions that can build and scale up your operations. This way, you will be able to surpass your business goals of 2018 and get set for another rewarding year that is ahead of you.


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