Mobile ProgrammingLearn about the different Methodologies for Mobile App Development

Learn about the different Methodologies for Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is not an easy job. App creators develop each app with high hopes of success. But, how do you ensure minimal development cost and maximum output? By choosing good developers, designers, and by having a clear cut methodology.

What is the best methodology to develop an app?
This has been an ongoing debate. Two of the most popular methodology followed for Mobile App development are Waterfall and Agile.

1. Waterfall Methodology: – It is a sequential design process, in which development is steadily downwards like a waterfall. It starts from conception till the closing of the project.

Why Waterfall: – It is a traditional approach, which makes sure that the product is exactly as per the customer expectations.

2. What is Agile Approach: – Agile development is quick and iterative. The tasks are divided into short phases of work, frequent assessment and adaptation to plans.

Why Agile Development: – In contrast to desktop applications, mobile apps have shorter development life cycles, frequent changing demands, frequent updates, and ability to quick download.

Agile methodologies have proved efficient and helpful to mobile app development environment. It fits these characteristics appropriately as it is more flexible, while traditional methods are costly and there is very less scope of change.

As agile methodology is more adaptive, it helps create apps that are seamless, quick, small in size and easy to work upon. Agile development makes the app more stable with fewer errors, thus increasing the quality.

The usual question asked by developers is which method is best for Mobile App development. Here is a quick comparison between Agile & Waterfall development:

1.Agile is a fast team based approach, while Waterfall is methodical and sequential.
2.Agile focuses on addition of new features and evolving trends unlike waterfall
3.Since testing happens almost simultaneously the project (App) can be launched sooner.

Types Of Agile Development
1.Agile Scrum: – It’s a technique in which development is broken into small chunks called scrum. A project manager is assigned to each Scrum. He is known as a Scrum Master.
2.Lean development: – Used in Lean manufacturing Principles. For instance, sticking out notes to discuss the next task.

Usually app development firms are focused on offering the best possible solutions in a quick time. Agile methodology is followed more often. But there are cases where Waterfall would make more sense.


  1. Please I want to develop a mobile application to facilitate the teaching and learning of basic concepts in information technology. What will be the method, language and processes. Thanks


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