Mobile ProgrammingHow to Start Your Journey of Mobile App Programming

How to Start Your Journey of Mobile App Programming

You must have heard of an old saying:
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
It’s your time to start your journey of mobile app programming and trust the magic of beginnings.

Know your targeted audience
Understand your audience. Any entrepreneur in any field understands these three words precisely. But, in the case of mobile app programming, identification of your audience is significant because of lack of man-to-man sales opportunities.

Figuring out your audience, knowing their behavior, will help you when it comes to designing your mobile app. If you want more and more app installs, then do your best to incorproate what the users want.

For instance; if you are building a hockey fantasy app, then figure out age group of the 30s and 40s college educated men and women and then consider their demographics.

Since you want to maximize your downloads, it will be better for you to design your app and accompanying marketing campaign with those hockey loving guys in mind.

Choose operating system
Is your target audience a die-hard fan of Apple? Which software or which operating system your app suits the best? It’s high time for you to step out of your comfort zone and figure it out.

The major platforms for app development are Android, iOS, Windows. There were two more like Symbian and Blackberry RIM, but these are out of the game.

So, it’s up to you. Either you choose one primary platform or all the three.

But, my advice to you is that have a firm grip on one operating system. After that, you can expand your horizons to include other app development technologies too.

Piecemeal approach for mobile app development
Everyone has an idea, but it’s taking those first steps towards turning that idea into the reality that is always the toughest.

Do you have an idea for mobile app development but don’t know where to start?

The following steps will help you to start with mobile app development.

Justify your idea
You have an idea in your mind for mobile app startup, but you are confused whether it would resonate with your audience or not. What to do now? Don’t worry! I will tell you.

To check the number of people who seek what you are offering them, you can use Google Keyword Planner tool. You can also build a minimum viable product that provides the value to your idea to gauge user interest.

Your idea will be an axiom until your first set of customers don’t buy it.

Make an outline
When you validate your mobile app development approach, you will get to know the people who want to use it. Now, it is the time to make a document. Put your idea on paper as detailed as possible.

Write down the flow of features the user will visualize while navigating. Writing down will also help your developer understand your expectations clearly.

Refine your outline
From the prototype you have prepared, start looking at the flow of features that you can remove. Pitch the core features of your mobile app programming.

Build only most hued features into your first version of the app. You can add nose dive features in later versions of an update.

Put the features that will solve the problem of your user. Creativity can solve almost any problem. So, be creative. Offer them something they have never experienced.

Make a layout and design UX

Co – founder of SUN MICROSYSTEMS, has said:
“Design is a way of making technology useful.”
The design plays an important role when it comes to app building, but the design is not about how your app looks, but it’s about how your audience will experience it.

What your users experience shall be your priority. And to execute this priority, you need to start by studying the interfaces of popular apps. See how the elements are organized, how they interact with each other, and how different processes happen.

Create benchmarks and then try to fit your apps’ features into these benchmarks.

Then when you start creating the outline, DO NOT start it in Photoshop. Take a pen or a pencil and a clean A4 plain white sheet will do.

Brusque your partners
Now, it’s the high time to brief your mobile app development partners.

Discuss the timelines and pricing of your product.

Pricing must not be the only factor for decision making. Brief your partners the prototype of the idea, your targeted audience and reason behind it.

Inspire and support your partner. Both of you work in progress, grow and nourish yourself together.

Conclusion: –
Developing a mobile app from scratch is a marathon. You need to keep motivation levels high all the way to the time when your app hits an app store. If you have a team, you need to stay with them and cheer them up when they fall into despair.

And if you truly want to make your app idea a success, nothing will hinder you from achieving it. Just believe that you can make it happen and start your mobile app programming journey.


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