Press ReleaseKickstarter Campaign Introduced for our Angular 2 Project Course

Kickstarter Campaign Introduced for our Angular 2 Project Course

Eduonix announces a new Kickstarter Campaign for its upcoming Angular 2 Projects Course.

MAHAPE, NAVI MUMBAI. June 20, 2016 – Eduonix Learning Solutions, a leading online e-learning company, announced that it launched a new Kickstarter Campaign for its upcoming course ‘Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 10 Apps’.

Eduonix is a firm believer of introducing courses that not only focus on the theory and basics, but also on the practical applications of that particular technology. It is known for releasing unique courses that use a project-based approach, where users can learn while actually creating real-world projects.

“We believe that our courses should not resemble a traditional boring classroom setting where the instructor drones on and the student has learned nothing at the end. We believe that learning should be fun and useful, which is one of the reasons why our courses are packed with real-world examples and we have project-based courses that help students learn through actual development,” said Sushant Das, Co-founder and CEO at Eduonix.

The new and improved Angular 2 is not just a simple update on the old iteration, but rather a complete revamped framework. And while it maintains the goodness of Angular 1 such as speed, performance, cross-platform compatibility, it adds simplicity and flexibility to the latest version.

Angular 2 comes with a few significant features that will be extensively covered in this course. These features include:

  • modern platform capabilities that allow users to get more out of their applications
  • native like apps for mobiles
  • cross-platform capability on Mac, Windows and Linux with a single code base
  • turning templates into code, which are optimized for JavaScript virtual machines
  • the powerful Angular CLI that simplifies the process of developing and deploying apps
  • new testing and debugging tools that help produce high quality software
  • and performance intensive animations using the latest Angular API

The latest features ensure that Angular 2 is one of the best JavaScript frameworks for creating single page applications and websites.

With so much to offer, it is no wonder that the demand for Angular 2 developers is increasing at a rapid pace. The high demand of Angular 2 has resulted in the development of this particular course. Instead of breaking down the changes and learning how the syntax and the language differs from the first version, we have designed a course to help learners get jumpstarted on this amazing software by actually developing with the framework.

The ‘Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 10 Apps’ course aims to become a reference and a training guide for developers for Angular 2 Framework, a way to build real world skill development, tips and tricks of professional developers, complete training on the Angular ecosystem, server side training on JavaScript coding, conceptual understanding of web development paradigms and also developing for mobiles with the MEAN stack and the Ionic Framework.

The syllabus has been created with the utmost care to cover not only the theory in detail but also the practical applications of the technology. Not only will the students learn how the changes work and modify their applications, but they will also learn how to actually build applications using the Angular 2 framework.

The course will provide the students with:

  • a hands-on experience of building real world Angular 2 applications
  • tips and tricks of the professionals
  • a chance to learn modern web development methodologies
  • understand the new changes in Angular 2 quickly and efficiently
  • a portfolio of ten working projects.

The course will progress from the basics to more complex features of Angular 2, with the first project focusing on building a ‘Hello, World!’ application to help students become familiar with the framework and progressing to more intricate apps, that use Maps, APIs and Auth0 authentication within the applications.

This Kickstarter Campaign is a means for Eduonix to raise as much money as possible for their stretch goals of creating more courses such as these in the future as well as improving their platform and support system for the current and future students.

This Kickstarter Campaign offers an array of rewards for the course pledgers based on their backing amount. Rewards include early access to this course, access to other courses, and even access to all the present and future courses on the Eduonix website.

Help Eduonix change the education world, one student at a time. Back their project on Kickstarter by pledging support here –


  1. I just bought it for $99. I am wanting to have my access to over 100 courses. I want to start learning now. Thanks

  2. How long that would take to have my access to other courses while waiting for Anguler 2? Thanks for your response.


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