Software DevelopmentHottest Technology Fields for Jobs in 2017

Hottest Technology Fields for Jobs in 2017

There is no denying that technology is currently the most popular sector today for jobs, with a lot of people relying on their technologies to get them through the day. These days our days start with technology and even ends with technology, smartphones. You rely on technology to perform a majority of your work today, hence it is currently the biggest job market at the current moment.

However, no two jobs are the same and the same principle is followed in tech as well. There are so many different fields that are covered under tech, that two people who claim to work in the IT industry, may not even perform the same job. The word IT can be considered as an umbrella term that encompasses a number of different tasks, including hardware, software, networking, management, and so on.

For anyone who wants to work with tech, but isn’t yet sure what relevant sub-field they might want to work in, well here is a list of 10 currently trending fields in the IT sector:

1. Network Administrator
A network administrator, also known as a systems administrator is someone who you call when you run into IT problems at the work place. These people are responsible for planning, setting up, configuring and maintaining an organization’s computers. They ensure that the computers are running smoothly, are up to date and secure. For large organizations, multiple network administrators are often required.

Network admins are responsible for the hardware, software, as well as the teams and end users they support. In addition to the technical knowledge, they are also expected to have skills such as critical thinking, time management, people skills, interpersonal skills, etc.

2. User Interface (UI) Developer/Designer
A user’s first interaction with a website or an app is the user interface, which includes the layout of the main page, the controls, etc. The User Interface or the UI of a device, is the place where interaction between the computer and the human occurs. This is often what the viewer of a webpage, or app, can see and interact with. The objective of a great UI design is to be easy, efficient and user-friendly.

UI designers are responsible for creating a great interactive front-end and understand what their users might want and incorporate that within the design. When you open an app or a website, what can the user do on it and how should it look becomes the target for the developer.

3. Business Analyst
Business analysts are not simply limited to technology, but can be found across all fields. However, they play an important part when it comes to technology and business. Business analysts are in charge of all aspects of business including technical, operation and economical. The ensure that a business runs smoothly without any hitch, and that all the projects are on time.

From planning & execution to delivery, business analysts look after the requirements of all phases of a project and are the primary business representative in the design and development phases of the project.

4. Software Developer
Software developers are responsible for creating the programs and devices that you use. They are the crux behind the entire programming and development scene. They design, code and execute programs such as the operating system on your phone, the writing program that you use, etc. Every program on your computer was designed by a software developer.

Software developers are responsible for analyzing user’s needs and design programs or software to meet those needs. They also ensure that the program that they designed runs smoothly and also write any upgrades that are required. It’s a great job if you like constantly being on your toes and like learning new languages and skills.

5. Robotics
Although this overlaps in software and hardware development, the demand in robotics has actually made this into an individual field altogether. Robotics requires extensive skills in programming, development and hardware configuration. The field of robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots.

That’s not all, in addition to building the hardware systems of the robots, developers are also responsible for writing the programs that run the robots.

6. Data Architect
In simple words, a data architect is responsible for maintain the data architecture of an organization. If you want to break it down, the architect’s job will include planning, designing, creating, deploying and managing the way an organization’s data is stored, consumed, integrated and analyzed.

Data has become an important aspect of many businesses, with companies keeping track of their consumer’s usage of their product and require maintaining thorough data on them. This data needs to be collected and organized in a systematic manner, and this is where data architects play a huge role.

7. Mobile App Developer
Smartphones have become a crucial part of a person’s daily life. It’s what most people want to keep handy and a majority of their tasks are now done on their smartphones. Well, mobile apps are the heart and soul of your smartphone, which allow you to check your mail, play your music, play a game, or even pay your bills.

The demand for mobile app developers is always high, as more organizations are turning to catering to mobile users. This is why mobile app development is a great field at the moment, but it does require extensive knowledge of operating systems and frameworks.

8. Software Engineer
While software engineering and software developer might seem like two sides of the same coin, they are actually different. Software Engineering and Development differ when it actually comes to job function. Software engineers may be involved with software development, but developers may very rarely be involved in engineering.

Software engineers are responsible in the development lifecycle by connecting the client’s needs with applicable technology solutions. They are expected to provide specific functions, and use engineering concepts to develop the software. They are required to have the knowledge of using open source tools and projects.

9. DevOps Engineer
Once a program or software has been designed, it requires proper deployment for it to reach the intended target. This is where DevOps, short for Development & Operations comes in. DevOps focuses on communication and collaboration between the product, software development and operations.

DevOps engineers are looking to automate the process of software integration, testing, deployment and infrastructure changes. The objective of DevOps is to make it easier and faster to build, test and release software.

10. Information Security Analyst
With devices becoming personal, security of these devices are also important. Would you use your smartphone, if everything you put on it was visible to the public, including your personal photos, passwords, etc. Well Information Security Analyst is responsible for doing just that. They are charged with creating and installing software that can protect computers and phones from cyber attacks. These include having some intense knowledge about programming, coding, and even some hacking skills.

The tech market is currently booming and as technology becomes a more prominent member in today’s world, the requirement for more programmer, developers, engineers and security analysts is likely to increase. Here are a 10 of the most lucrative job fields in the tech industry that are currently offering some through the roof packages for individuals who are skilled in these sectors.


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