Software Development5 Software Development Trends in 2017

5 Software Development Trends in 2017

Software development is going through exciting times. 2016 saw the rise of chatbots and introduced us to automation. No matter what industry you are in, technology plays an important role in business. Here are the top five trends in software development this year:

1. PaaS
Platform as a service will gain greater momentum. PaaS is a cloud computing solution that provides software and hardware tools to software developers. Users typically log in through a web browser and access the ready resources required to host and develop an application or software. PaaS providers can charge per-use basis or flat monthly fee. Some examples of PaaS providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google App Engine and Heroku.

2. Decentralized Teams
Software development teams are going to be more decentralized. Version control systems records versions of a changing file and allow teams to collaborate more smoothly. Platforms built for remote access will allow teams to be location free and more flexible. GIT is the leading platform to provide Distributed Version Control.

3. Automation
Automation is already a growing trend and will continue to remain so in 2017. Automation has application in all departments of businesses including operations, marketing, supply and research. As machines become smarter, they will take care of any work that is manual and repetitive. Automation is also entered the mental labour space and will free much of workforce for strategic and creative work.

4. Machine Learning
Machine learning is ability of machines to learn without being explicitly programmed externally. This technology has brought the machines closer to humans. Machine learning allows technology to continuously adapt to the changing environment and even learn from them. Machine learning is not new and is used extensively by Google results, Facebook feed and even businesses which are not directly in technology field. It has many possible applications and will continue to be the hottest technology trend in 2017.

5. Agile
Agile is a set of principles and practices that allows software developers to be adaptable to change. It is allows cross functional team to collaborate and gives room for changes during the development process. Being agile is more of a strategy than a set methodology to develop software. Speed is key benefit of Agile development. The basic software is delivered early on and the remaining features are delivered subsequently. Testing is integrated with development in this method. This also gives a continuous and steady flow of income to business.



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