What are the Best Tools for Mobile Game Development?

Game Development

The introduction of a telephone device in the Western world was revolutionary in those times because, for the first time, people living miles away could communicate in seconds. But being the obstinate and strong-willed species that we are, we needed to push the perimeters of technology further.

The mobile devices today are the outcome of that will-power. Mobile devices have transfigured our communications like no other. But today, communication isn’t simply the primary focus of such devices. With the exploding options of immense features that come with the device, our insatiable appetite for better features is on the rise too. Hi-definition camera with a strong processor along with excellent audio quality- all in the palm of our hands now.

Mobile games have also become a leisure activity for many these days. Candy-Crush, Temple Run, and Angry Birds were common names that are present on many devices and are used by the gamer community largely. The undisputed player in the gaming world now is PUBG. According to IndianExpress, the game has already crossed 200 million downloads and has at least 30 million active users. So, the popularity of games on mobile devices is steadily increasing and with that, the demand for excellent graphics as well.

So, if you are someone who is passionate about creating games and contributing to the gaming industry, here is our list of top 10 gaming pro tools.

#1. Unreal Engine

If you lack any prior experience, the Unreal Engine would be perfect for you. Using Unreal is meant for beginners who simply share the zeal to create quality games. It is the next version of the Unreal Development Kit. This kit is comprised of many other features that will help you in making games for mobile phones as well for even for PCs and Game consoles. Its graphics abilities include an excellent particle system that is capable of handling up to a million particles in a single scene along with advanced dynamic lighting. For a gaming enthusiast, it would be immensely hard to say no to such a tool.

The number of users of the Unreal Engine is rising fast and the reasons above tell us why such a trend is taking place. So, if you are intrigued by the Unreal Engine and its advantages, you can try out the “Mobile Game Programming Using Unreal Engine: Build A Real World Game” online tutorial which is a great tutorial for any who wants a trained expert teaching them all about the tool.

Unlike its predecessor UDK, it has the ability to use C++ as a scripting language, thereby replacing the UnrealScript. Also, a friendly blueprint system is introduced to it. Due to these, highly proficient designers go through a learning curve to be adept at the updated versions. Bioshock, Dues Ex, Final Fantasy VII remakes are the results of this tool. Overall, it has a highly satisfied user base.

#2. Unity


One of the highly famed choices for creating games, Unity allows the user to create 2D and 3D games. It is a favorite of the developer community to create an abundant amount of AAA-class games. Unity is also blessed with a community of enthusiastic supporters and numerous tutorials that will help you understand its applications in depth. It has tons of features and textures would help developers carefully go through it with Unity advantages.

Another feature of Unity is the ability to import features from 3D applications such as Blender or Maya. It is supported in iOS, Fore OS, Tizen OS, Android and Phones equipped with Windows. The Danish company that is currently in California, USA has at least 5 million developers who use the engine on a monthly subscription.

#3. Corona

Corona uses Lua language which is popular, easy to use and maintain. It is a cross-platform and you can find numerous plugins in the Corona Market place. It can also be used on Android and Apple TVs. It is available for Mac and for Windows. With over 500 APIs you can animate your project in a variety of ways.

Free plan pricing also gives a huge inclination for its users. This helped a huge number of people come to its use and created a massive community. The prices of the higher versions can go as high as $199 per month, however.

#4. AppGameKit

Whether you an expert or a beginner, it has something to offer to them both. It uses a language that is very similar to C++. Because it is a cross-platform, your game will function in all the available platforms at once. So, for multi-platform projects, AppGameKit is the perfect solution.

There are many advantages of using AppGameKit include:

• The language it uses is similar to C++. That is why developers can start creating games with little time to understand its functions.
• You can even sell the applications you’ve made using the engine’s guide.
• With the AppGameKit Magic, productivity is increased
• Build a game with C++ using the previous IDEs

The AppGameKit includes a full debugger, editor, compiler and color schemes.

#5. Marmalade SDK


Marmalade is a multi-platform game using a tool that allows you to create games for mobiles and desktops. It runs on C++ and allows the users to create 2D and 3D titles. You can use many libraries, tools, and codes to program as well as test your project. It uses the ‘write once, uses anywhere’ concept.

The advantages of using Marmalade are:
• Open source for vital components
• Open architecture
• Excellent performance
• Use of Android optimizations within the actual codebase

It has other features such as unique support, a set of open APIs, unique support, a test stimulus, and many more. Its price can go as high as $600 and runs on platforms such as Blackberry, Android, iOS, Connected TV Platforms.

#6. Monogame

Developed by the Monogame team, it can be used in Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Windows Phone, Android and many more. It is open sourced and also has its own language for creating shaders called MGFX. It uses class-architecture and works with .NET and C languages. Many game developers use it to build powerful games, because of its wide range of tools along with its high flexibility.

Some of its well-known games are Skulls of Shogun, Bastion, and FEZ.

#7. LumberyardMobile games

Lumberyard is an open source AAA game engine which makes it a popular choice for many game developers. The tool was launched by Amazon in 2016 and it runs on iOS, Android, Windows, and Desktops.

You can create your projects and can be released on different platforms thanks to its cross-functionality. Though it is free of charge, creators only have to pay for the services of AWS and other infrastructure they use. Lumberyard is deeply intertwined with this allows cloud connectivity services to the game.

Some of its popular games are Breakaway and Crucible.

Gaming development is an exciting industry made for those with passion and creativity. So, if you want to be a part of this community, you can try “Unity 2D & 3D Ultimate Game Course Development” online tutorial. Also, there are many other resources available to make you fluent in game development.

So these were the best tools for game development. What do you think? You can let us know your opinions and feedback about this article in the comments section below.


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