Software DevelopmentLearn How to Improve Security in Software Development

Learn How to Improve Security in Software Development

Improve Security

The target of cyber attackers have shifted from websites to software in the past few years. It’s often said that performing security testing simultaneously with software development is the best way to detect almost all security vulnerabilities. However, with the rise in technology, hackers have found more powerful ways to break into software and therefore, software testing isn’t enough. It has also become important to take necessary steps to improve security in software development.

Here’s how you can improve software security:

Provide training on different security practices
Prepare every team member to face various security issues during software development by providing security training to them in advance. During the training, acquaint team members with basic security concepts and the secure software development approach adopted by the company. Also, conduct training programs for secure coding and ethical hacking so that you can check for security vulnerabilities from the hackers’ point of view.

Provide information about security requirements
Before starting software development, make sure that every member of the project is well aware of the security requirements of the system and the basic security threats. Provide copies of documents regarding the same to the team members and let them give back suggestions.

Make team members responsible regarding software security
Usually a software development strategy is planned based only on the quality to be maintained and the time period to complete the project. However, security is equally important and should be considered while also scheduling the project.

Use retained procedures for database calls
While using parameterized procedures, hackers find it easy to crack into the database and edit the codes. However, using stored procedures secures the software from SQL injection attacks.

Designate a project security officer
Appoint a project security officer to take care of the security issues during the software development process. You can choose an existing team member to be the project security officer or hire an individual who is particularly interested in software security.


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