What is PyCharm and Why it is Recommended For Python Users?

PyCharm IDE

Before you know PyCharm, you need to know what is Python and chances are that if you have jumped on this page; you have a pretty good idea about this fascinating programming language. However, in case if you are still novice about the term, we got your back.

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language which is also the world’s fastest growing language. By that I mean it is just behind Rust in the category of the most loved programming languages. And the reasons for that are innumerable! From being one of the easiest languages to code into its semblance with everyday English, all of these contribute excessively to the explosion of Python’s popularity.

Python has even become the favorite of many top-notch tech-giants such as YouTube, HomeGain, Google, Journeyx, IronPort and many more. Here’s what some of their employees had to say about it.

Cuong Do, Software Architect at YouTube says “Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers.

Peter Norvig, Director of search quality at Google says “Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language.

So, from the testimonies of such impressive figures working at such well-established institutions, you can get a clear idea of why the world is shifting gradually towards using Python over any other language. Not to mention, due to the increasing predilection towards Python, there is an ample number of resources available to learn Python. One of the details a list of impressive Python E-books, with most of them available for FREE!

You can also try the “Learn Python programming From Scratch” online tutorial to learn the fundamentals of Python absolutely FREE!

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PyCharm: In Summary

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Now that we have some idea as to what Python is, let’s now gaze over the magnificent IDE that is PyCharm.

Developed by JetBrains in 2010, PyCharm is an IDE used for computer programming. Though this IDE was created for Python primarily, users who are from team-Java can also use PyCharm. Some features that incline users to it are the fact that it provides code analysis, integration with VCSes (Version Control Systems), a graphical debugger, has development with Django and Data Science with Anaconda.

PyCharm comes in versions of Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

Also, did I mention… PyCharm is absolutely free?
Other than the free version, enthusiasts who would want to explore more options of PyCharm can choose the individual PyCharm that has a price tag of $8.90/month. Other than that there are other versions such as Individual All Product Pack at $24.90/month, Business and Organizations PyCharm at $19.90/month and Business and Organizations All Product pack at $64.90/month.

Other than these, there are 6 main features of PyCharm that make PyCharm a favorite of users:

#1. Code Editor

Thanks to the availability of this Code editor, allows coders to read codes easily with color schemes, pick the most adequate style of coding, and automatic insertion of indents on new lines. The feature also allows programmers to avail code snippets, track and fix misspellings and errors, auto-generate and also detect the duplicate code.

Also, detecting the issues and errors while typing code helps programmers to prevent errors.

#2. Refactoring

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Implementing both local and global changes quickly and efficiently become easier. There are many refactoring options available in PyCharm and the programmers can make use of them anytime while creating code and working on Python frameworks. They can also move refactoring for methods, files, properties, functions, variables, and properties. It also lets programmers break up longer methods and classes through the extract method.

#3. Web Technology Support

It is easier to write various web applications in Python supporting widely used web technologies like TypeScript, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and CoffeeScript in PyCharm. The live editing preview option can be used to view a single web page along with the browser and editor and also allows users the changes made to the code instantaneously on a web browser. Furthermore, it allows developers to use a JavaScript debugger as well as TypeScript and CoffeeScript editors.

#4. Software Testing

Tools to simplify Python Application testing is available on almost every Python IDE there is. But the features of that of Python involves popular Python testing frameworks such as Attests, Nose, and Doctests. They are free to either run individual or multiple and test classes.

The integration of the IDE with Coverage.py to count for the code coverage is also possible with PyCharm. Also, Behavior Driven Development implementation allows users to deliver high-quality software.

#5. Built-in Terminal

full stack application

As stated before, PyCharm comes in formats suited to MacOS, Linux, and Windows. The terminal allows programmers to create codes and test it without the need to leave the perimeters of the IDE. The programmers can run Python files and configure Python environments, along with running interactive Python and Django consoled in PyCharm.

Automatic brace matching, dynamic syntax change, code completion are just a few of the features provided by the console.

#6. Remote Development

PyCharm allows developers to build software applications remotely. It also allows users to connect with various machines. The programmers can avail the built-in SSH console provided by the IDE to connect to machines and perform various development tasks remotely through SSH. They can even run, debug, and profile the Python applications in a remote environment by replacing the local interpreter with a remote interpreter. Also, the users even have the option to integrate PyCharm seamlessly with issue tracking systems.


I hope after getting through all the points here; you have developed some notion of the benefits that PyCharm can provide to any Python fanatic. PyCharm is bested with Python and Python is surely projected to become extraordinarily popular in the coming years. Dare I say, more than Rust?

So, if you are aware of the benefits of Python and are curious to know more about it, you can try the “Beyond Basic Programming – Intermediate Python” online tutorial. The course covers 7 sections with 3 hours of video, taught by an industry expert.

If you found this article informative and would like to share your feedback with us about Python and PyCharm, you can let us know by commenting below!


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